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917fb 2A few weeks ago, I posted a short PDF on how to to start your own affiliate program using the Gumroad platform, and some of the different ways you can use that  affiliate program to quickly, easily and ethically grow your brand, and generate lots of buzz for your blog and business.

An affiliate program is probably the EASIEST way to get free traffic to your site, service or offer….simply because you are building trust, creating connections with your professional peers that are in of themselves hugely valuable, and ultimately……. borrowing (or leveraging) the audience of other people in your field (or related fields) to sell your products, services and share your gifts with the world.

In addition, you can ALSO create a great marketplace style community site using a variation of this approach – where you can create a small collective of products and services, books, coaching offers, etc – all on one single site.  In this sort of strategy, you’d find 3 or 5 or 10 or however many related (or even competing) people in your industry, and build a collective….where each of your offers is featured  on the site.

Of course if you are the one BUILDING the site, you can make sure that all of the people who particpate also have an affiliate program, meaning that whenever people buy from the page that features the products and services being offered by the group – you get paid a commission on every transaction.

Everyone can participate in the process of driving traffic to the collective – and you can use any (and all) sorts of cooperative content marketing strategies to get as many eyeballs in front of your offers as possible.

It’s obviously a lot EASIER when you have 4 or 6 or 10 people all promoting a page on Facebook, or to their newsletter audience, or their blog readership, et al –  and the power of the group is certainly far more compelling , and effective – than the efforts of one individual, especially in the beginning.

Gumroad has a pretty good explanation of this process HERE – and you can see a simple example of how they’ve illustrated how one of these pages may look, if the idea above sounds too abstract.

If you’ve been “with me” for any length of time, this is pretty much the same sort of strategy as creating an authority site – a marketplace – or a directory site – or a community site of any kind, where you inherit trust, the appearance of authority and expertise, simply by virtue of having taking the initiative to put it all together.

I want to share with you what I truly believe is the best way of generating a ton of low cost traffic that is reliably effective in just about every single campaign I’ve worked in the last 3 months.

It’s using Facebook ads to generate what feels like a literally unending supply of hyper targeted, low cost traffic to just about any site or offer we’ve tried this on.

There are a few little wrinkles I’ve had to work out, but it’s so amazingly effective that it feels unfair not to share.

(The wrinkles are things like – you have to be willing to pay a little MORE than you’re comfortable with in the beginning of any campaign, until FB’s ad management software properly tracks how “engaging” your ad is, at which point……your cost should drop by a ton.  Adwords (Google) used to be the same way)

Also understand that I have no real experience running FB ads – have taken no courses, have bought no “inside secrets” and other than my natural sunny disposition and unusually large collection of cardigan sweaters for a single straight guy in his 40’s…..

I really have no advantage at this at all)

Here are a few really cool services for creating quick, easy and really elegant quizes, surveys and landing pages for Facebook….all of which have worked wonderfully well for me (or people I work with)

Typeform.com.  (awesome and addictive for just about every type of content marketing using questions, answers and incentives you can imagine.  Integrates really well with FB)

Rafflecopter.com (also awesome – much better for giveaways and raffles)

Qzzr.Com.  (has been a while since i used this, but was the first type of service of this kind I tried when building this strategy on FB – is a bit too complex for my ADD riddled brain, but great for outsourcing for more media rich quizes)

Lastly, the campaigns we are running now are actually simple WordPress posts with Q and A quiz style content and are performing exceptionally well.

I have found starting each one with “Are You a……..”  is the absolute best headline to maximize clicks.

And while I’m not really going to be sharing a ton of Facebook marketing strategies on the blog (as I don’t feel qualified to do it) I do want you to really consider using FB as a traffic generation strategy for quickly, easily and AFFORDABLY helping you expedite the process of putting your best work into the world, without delay.

What makes all of this stuff so damn exciting is that all of this can be combined in cool, creative ways.  You can use the “content cornerstone” templates I’ve given you to write your first book, create your first course, or sell your first service, in just about a week.

You can reach out to folks in your industry – or tangentially related to what you do, and invite them to sell your product, program, content, course, book or promote your blog…and get PAID for it as well.

You can invite the very same folks to sell their OWN stuff on YOUR marketplace (again, look at the Gumroad example HERE for those of you who can’t conceptualize this) and make a profit from their sales, while helping others pursue their passion(s) as well.

You can also create a very appealing, and very lucrative side business as an entrepreneurial coach, or a business coach, using the very same strategies I’m sharing here.

(simply pretend that you are the one typing this up in your Carly Fiorina for President boxer shorts at 3am, not me –  I really don’t mind)

If you have any questions, or want to work with a small team of people who are passionate about helping people of passion and purpose put their best work into the world, get in touch.

I have a brand new and (yes…VERY overdue) Etsy style marketplace for mindful marketers, wellness workers, authors, artists, and “enlightened” entrepreneurs launching in the next week – and it’s in a very private beta until we get 100 members, if you’d like more info, drop me a note.  (you’ve got to be willing to create products, write books, have services to sell and so forth – but it’s very exciting stuff – and our initial group is doing very well.  I can teach you all of that if you don’t have it already, AND provide the platform to expand your audience in a jif)

But even if you want to do your own thing – you CAN.  Build your own community in your own niche and find your own tribe.

Gumroad is a free service that is like a godsend for content marketers, coaches, teachers,trainers, authors, artists and passion professionals who DON’T have a ton of marketing moxy – and I highly recommend you check their stuff out if you haven’t already.

I get nothing for recommending Gumroad…..other than that warm fuzzy feeling that I’m sharing something that really can change your life for the better.

Chris Christie even loves Gumroad, and he doesn’t really love anything other than Bruce Springsteen’s old stuff, and the monogrammed, after debate desert tray.

Nothing says 7th place better than a chocolate eclair, two thin mints and a little bit of leftover Trump truffle.

Let’s be honest.  Time is short.  Our world is in trouble.   Behind the scenes, Wolf Blitzer is in a panic.

I want to help.  🙂









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