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The EASIEST Way to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program (10 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting an Affiliate Program with Gumroad)

As as coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, author, artist, mentor, mindful marketer, PASSION professional or “enlightened” entrepreneur, one of the highest hurdles you will have to overcome is getting qualified traffic to your site, service or offer.ย  An affiliate program gives you the INSTANT ability to connect with a community of professional peers and offer them the opportunity to get paid for spreading the word about your content, courses and coaching.

In the past……creating an affiliate program was fraught with challenges….often with steep tech learning curves, management migraines and human headaches alike.

Not any more.

The Gumroad affiliate module is an IDEAL way to transform your blog, books, brand, business and bank account…and connect with a communityย  of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in YOUR niche, market and industry in a mutually beneficial way.

In this short PDF, I outline 10 questions about launching an affiliate program to promote your publishing business, your content…. and cover some basic steps for getting started specifically with Gumroad as well.

There is probably no more magical “meta” marketing strategy than having an enthusiastic, energetic “army” of evangelists driving traffic to your site, service or offer….and if you are on a bootstrap budget, or are not a programming pro, Gumroad’s affiliate module is the perfect solution for You!

I hope this helps on YOUR journey!

Download the PDF on my Gumroad page HERE.ย 


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