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Need a new logo but don’t have any money to buy one? Don’t sweat. Or fret. Free design help IS on the way.

DesignRails.Com is a new, cool and creative way to get a free (or low cost) logo for your blog, brand or website. The best part? You can access it immediately and literally go from having no identity, to a pretty damn cool looking logo or letterhead in the amount of time it takes to go from Wilmington, Delaware to Philadelphia by train. (22 minutes for those of you keeping score at home)

And how am I so sure you can get your logo that fast? Because that’s the exact amount of time it took me to generate a brand new spanking logo for a new community about to launch later this week….all while sitting on the train with an aching middle aged back and stale pretzel crumbs all over my board shorts.

Another quick piece of practical advice for those of you with a soft stomach like me?

Don’t eat the Veggie burger on the 9212 mid-day from DC to Philly unless you plan on spending a lot of quality time alone for about 6 hours afterwards.

Not a good investment in the peace and prosperity of the rest of my afternoon.

Just stick to the 3 dollar pepsi’s and the free butter cookies they usually leave in the club car for the conductor and crew.  

They taste a little bit like strangers fingers, but are otherwise pretty good.

But the logo buying process?

Pretty damn cool….especially because the buying part didn’t cost anything. And while we probably won’t use the logo….the intuitive process the software used to generate the end logo was fun to witness, they give you a few totally unique design options to pick from when it’s done, and it actually inspired a few other ideas as a result.

I have no idea how long this is going to be free……(I thought I saw they already were charging, but looks like some launch bugs have kept the service gratis as they iron out the soft spots) but well worth checking out if you need a logo, and were thinking about trying to find a free one on Craigslist. (not a good idea either…….but definitely smarter than the digestive disaster of a veggie burger that Amtrak serves up for lunch)

Check out Design Rails Here and get your identify inspiration in a jif.

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