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DRIP is a really cool email marketing automation service.

I did a quick review of how it works on my personal blog right here, earlier today.

I’ve found that some people don’t really “get” the difference between a traditional email marketing service (like Mailchimp let’s say) versus a service like DRIP, which is built specifically (or at least stands out for) simplifying the purpose of automating organic oriented emails around actions your readers/visitors/subscribers take or make on your site, or though the conversational continuum.

It’s also important to realize that whenever someone uses the phrase, conversational continuum in a sentence, you ought not trust much of what follows thereafter.

Which in this case, would be this sentence – so disregard it.

But do check out this really great guide for understanding how marketing automation works, and specifically, how it works with DRIP – at the link following the short excerpt below. (or just check out Drip’s own email sequence they use to SELL their service, which will do a great job of illustrating exactly how and where they stand out from other similar email marketing services as well)

It lets you setup lifecycle, or as they call it marketing automation, emails triggered by any action a user takes, “be it expressing interest in particular topic, downloading a sample chapter of your book, starting a trial of your software, or viewing your upgrade page but not upgrading.” They aim to give you 90% of the features of enterprise-level marketing automation software at 10% of the cost.

Drip is built from the ground up to make it easy to get started with marketing automation, while also giving you access to the advanced features you will need as you grow, without all the extra bloat.

The Drip Team clearly put a lot of careful thought and planning into their UI, as most of their screens make each step obvious to the user.



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