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A few quick things well worth checking out if you are still stuck on starting a list.

1- Gumroad, a kick ass marketplace and publishing platform for authors, artists and eclectic content creators, has a great (free) tool called AUDIENCE, which will allow anyone to build a list, create a super simple but great looking landing page, and build an automation/email follow up sequence from scratch.

They allow you to set up workflow triggers (emails based on specific actions your visitors/subscriber/clients take) all without paying a penny as well.

A simple lead generation landing page I created with AUDIENCE in  3 and a half minutes flat.  (only because i was watching Boyz in the Hood in the background.  Spoiler Alert:  Ice Cube gets capped in the end)
A simple lead generation landing page I created with AUDIENCE in 3 and a half minutes flat. (only because i was watching Boyz in the Hood in the background. Spoiler Alert: Ice Cube gets capped in the end)

As a long time Aweber user, now a Mailchimp convert, lover and devotee …… I’m nowhere close to an expert in their tools and technology , but everything seems to be well thought out, and integrates really, really well (obviously), with their own product publishing platform.

(which means it’s designed for following up with people AFTER they’ve bought a product or downloaded a file or you’ve otherwise engaged your community with content…..making the flow feel extremely easy and innately intuitive)

I’ve been playing with Audience off and on for about 4 months or so on some test accounts, and it’s an ideal way to launch a brand new book, course, product or program, especially if you are launching your first list.  (or publishing your first product)

Gumroad is free – and it’s awesome – both as a platform, and a source of evergreen inspiration for folks who want to sell cool stuff and put interesting work out into the world.  (rather than cheesy online marketing types like me, their average creator is more likely to be selling a cool comic, or a fantastic font, or a puzzle, piece of art, or other interesting offer)

And now with AUDIENCE, you can grow a following while building your own store of products, programs, content, courses, coaching or any other style of service you’d love to launch.

2 –   I have a whole bunch of list related stuff to publish in the next few weeks, including how this particular blog template (the one you are looking at right now with my fugly mug at the top of the post, and beneath each article, has literally tripled my daily email subscribers……simply by reverting back to a blog layout I haven’t used since 2012.   (I haven’t even double checked the message that goes out — i’m actually afraid to look, and yet…..strangers keep stopping by and signing up)

So easy – and such a reminder that no matter how many fancy pants designs are out there to make your prose look pretty….at the end of the day, if you want to build a business, and you relish relationships, you’ve got to build a LIST.

And the best way to build a list is to prominently position your face, and a space to sign up, in as many places as possible.

It’s true…even if you haven’t shaved in 2 months, have hippy hair and have to use a 3 year old pic like me)

3- If you’ve worked with me in the past, you probably know I’m a huge fan of building authority style sites.  An authority site is a great way of looking important and inheriting the appearance of expertise, even if you are just getting started yourself.  (if you are the owner of a given site or service, people tend to assume you are a thought leader – or have the marketing moxie to have launched something of your own, which is often enough earn their attention)   Buddypress (the social networking plugin for WP) has always been a great way of doing that, and Buddyboss has just created a really cool integration with Woo Commerce and their LMS plugin, Sensei.

Now you can sell your own courses – while running your own social network in a niche you know – and offer other folks the opportunity to sell their courses as well (on your site) which is a great way of quickly building an ASSET – authority, and an income – simply by taking the initiative to launch it first, yourself.   Highly recommended if you’d like to launch a Udemy style site on a bootstrap budget……I guarantee you there are very few sites doing this well in the niche/market or industry you love.

(And as Ray Ray likes to say, being the first is always a plus.)

4 – Lastly, I set up my own vanity domain( IanHollander.Com) as a marketplace, where I’ll be sharing a ton of my own content on marketing (AND Mindfulness/meditation) with lots and lots of free PDF’s, audio files, product recommendations, LAUNCHiT related services, agency style offers for those who want them, book reviews, and even, if you choose to…..provide a platform for some of my readers, clients and subscribers to sell stuff to my  audience, and earn an income as well.

Check my own new site out here……it’s not 100% complete yet, but I’ve uploaded a few free PDF’s with a lot more to come.  (and it’s also a great framework and model to emulate for setting up your own marketplace store as well.  Don’t steal my home page testimonials though.  I worked hard on earning  those 🙂


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