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One of my Facebook friends shared this with me after reading my “Deepak……& Disappointments” post.

(I wrote it after the critique I received from a friend that my book was a little too “Deepak” for her taste….when the whole idea of this series of books was to be a NON Deepak Chopra take on a “spiritual” subject that unfortunately, is infected with far too much new age nonsense)

And again….for the record, I happen to like Deepak.ย  He’s certainly smarter than I am and there is something about his style that makes me smile. ย  It’sย  his propensity for lumping all sorts of smart sounding but specious combinations of scientific wordsย  to weave a word salad of speculative spiritual silliness that’s a problem – as it does a huge disservice to the subject matter at hand.

(and convinces many smart people who are well informed on those very subjects that it’s ALL snake oil and silliness, and not worthwhile to explore, which I think is a shame)So here is the Random Deepak Chopra Tweet generator – it takes real words found in Deepak’s tweets, and randomly combines them to generate social media magic.ย ย  You can also tweet these mini morsels of magic to the Universe, and probably…..find yorself with a devoted fan base of 100 thousand followers by the Summer solstice.


And, if that’s not good enough for your cynical side, her is The New Age Bullshit generator, which will actually write your sales copy for your spiritual product launch for you….using a similar approach that’s literally, better than many sales pitches I’ve seen.





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