Some random thoughts about where I am in the first 7 days of the 52 week 1 product/program/site or service per week enlightened entrepreneur challenge

1 – this always being, thinking, “trying to be creative” shit is hard.

2 – My first book is almost done – tentatively titled “Mindfulness made REALLY Easy:  21 ways to wake UP, slow down and change your life through the magic of mindfulness meditation”

2a – the tentative title was originally “33 ways to wake up, slow down…….” but I came up 12 ways and 3 days short.  (see #1)

3 – I’m really hopeful the book will be done by 12am tomorrow night, as that would make it 7 days from start to finish. (the 15th)

4 – I’ve started building a marketplace (behind the scenes – you can’t see it yet) on my own site ( where I’ll be able to sell all of the books I write, products I create and services I will build over the next year.

I’ll also be able to sell a wide assortment of personal and professional products (web development tools like hosting, auto responder, webinar and audio provider service recommendations, etc – plus books I’ve read and recommend related to mindfulness, meditation, “spiritual” growth and development, as well as, should I want to, products that some of my clients and community create over the next year as well. )

That should be live over the next 2 days as well, and is being built on a “staging” site using WPENGINE’s development bed, and incredible useful feature that I makes building a site behind the scenes a breeze, without affecting the live domain.

5 – For ME……The 2 most indispensable tools for this challenge – or really for ANY prolific creative working in or around this sort of space who wants to pump out PRODUCTS and programs, and understands the incredible power of re-purposing content are the Ulysses web writing app and a good audio service.  (i’ll be using Audioacrobat here)

ulssesUlysses is just a thing of beauty to write “on” – (see the small screenshot attached ) it inspires me to WANT to stare at my screen and think, write and create, and that is an incredible gift.

But where Ulysses shines is in how it handles exporting your work into just about every possible permutation and format you could want to use to get your work out into the world, and across multiple channels.

This document, for example, with one click….can be turned into a professional grade PDF, with a whole range of professional presentational styles built in to the application that are truly fit to print on paper or pixel.  Most writing apps do a very pedestrian job of prettying up your prose for PDF, they merely output it.

Ulysses will literally let you publish PDF’s that look as good as, or better than you’d get by hiring someone to format and style it for you.

Note: There is actually a whole “styles” repository that you can access to download FREE style treatments that other users have created that look quite good – even better than what comes with the app – and that ultimately – with a single export – will make it look like you hired a professional formatting ninja to work your words into a thing of aesthetic appeal.

I can turn my mindfulness book into an EPUB file with one click (for ebooks), into an html file for my blog or the web, a PDF for selling on Gumroad or on my own site,  Markdown if i want to use the doc on another app, etc.

Really a great time saver.

Recording Products

And having access to an audio service will allow me to not only add lots of extra value to anything I write by adding a recorded component to it, I can literally create an entire product by recording it – taking Q and A from my community, or simply teaching techniques directly using audio, using the “content cornerstone approach” that many who have been reading my stuff for years are already familiar.

(if not – basically outlining/data dumping an area of your niche knowledge, experience or expertise into an outline, and recording a “how to” that helps your audience do something they’ve identified as important to learn.

By the way, before I forget, here is another killer (free) tool for turning one document into a different file format with incredible ease and speed – really indispensable for authors, artists, creatives, publishers, and rock stars like you and me. = 100% Free and 200% Awesome.

Other miscellaneous thoughts thus far:

1- I know I warned people that my Day 1 post would be rough and unedited – but jeez Louise it was a friggin editing embarrassment of epic proportions.  (there are literally half finished sentences that some of you were nice enough to point out 🙂

2 – There is something spooky about south florida squirrels.

I’m used to city squirrels, who don’t like to get too close. Down here, they are super aggressive and a little bit scary.  I I’m not kidding.

I’ve been doing a lot of my writing work in a local park down the street from the place i’m renting here seasonally….and the squirrels are becoming a problem.

Plus you have the whole thing where, as a grown man with a beard, you want to appear unafraid of the local small wildlife, especially while talking to the various single moms who hang around as well.   So it’s challenging,  when they get real close with those beady eyes and sneaky motivations and you are doing the whole “hey little buddy” conversation for show….when in your head you are thinking – “no, no…..BACK, back, for the love of god – get back!”

Plus the central idea I’m trying to share about the whole mindful way of life is about honesty, intense integrity and embracing authenticity, yet I’m a total fake when it comes to pretending to like those furry little bastards.

They are messing up my whole mindful mojo and it’s not even a full week.

3 – The most productive day of writing this week was at Tire Kingdom.

I finished 10 of the 21 ways (the mindfulness book) between 10-5, while sitting in their waiting room for 2 tires and an oil change.  (see the pic above of the sweet set up)  I totally hit a groove by like 1pm, and might be the first person in the history of an automotive repair chain to say – “no rush assistant manager Mike – the car will be done when it gets done.  PS – I think the coffee pot could use a little love”

Other things on the agenda are:

I have to get a cover for my mindfulness book.  I’m going to buy it on FIVERR, just to prove you CAN get a pretty cool cover for 5 bucks.  (something i’ve done many times already for both myself, and countless content marketing clients/people/projects I’ve helped)

I’m going to have the book converted to ePub and .mobi formats “professionally”, also on Fiverr, for $10.  (the length of the book will require a double payment)  I could do this on my own using CloudConvert (free) and/or Ulysses (for ePub) but I prefer to give the doc to someone who is smoother at this stuff than I am and will make sure the prose, flows 🙂

So there you have it – passion, purpose, squirrels and sequence.  Again, i’m not editing this, so hopefully it makes sense 🙂  Have questions – shoot them to me on Facebook or via email.