365 Days – 52 New Books, Products, Programs, Sites or Services. Today is Day 1.  The challenge begins.  I haven’t even named it yet.  April 8th, 2015.

I’ve got a bunch of suggestions and things people would love to see – if you have anything you’d like to see developed – let me know (ianrhollander@gmail.com) or connect with me on Facebook here.

These little updates are going to come pretty much everyday, and largely be thinking out loud style stream of consciousness thoughts about where i am in each weeks creation process, and what I’m learning along the way.

Not a ton of editing due to time constraints – but more honesty and transparency, i hope…as a result.  Expect some spelling errors and half fleshed out sentences, because they’ll appear as they do in my head.

Here are some things I’d like to do with this still un-named 52 week challenge.

First – my goal is to create stuff that I like.  I find that far too much of my time is spent planning things and doing business-y stuff i don’t enjoy – technical stuff, financial planning, etc.

Sure that’s important.

This is a business.

But i want to write, create and generate.

I’m supremely confident the revenue will follow.
The over arching area i’m going to be focus is the mindfulness/meditation/”spiritual” growth, enlightened entrepreneurial & personal development niche.

(i put air quotes around spiritual and enlightened for a whole bunch of reasons I’ll elaborate on later – i’m neither enlightened nor incredibly spiritual in a conventional sense – but i think both words capture the spirit of my target audience, and the ideas i have about my own best life as well)

So my plan is to write a bunch of amazon books, create lots of  products, record lots of audios, connect with lots of people in this extended community and sell services that cater to both the mindfulness/meditation and marketing public and professional communities.  (a bridge i plan on spending much of the year building)

My goal is to reach 1 million new people across multiple channels – be they downloads, book sales on Amazon, social media connections, unique site visitors, new clients, etc.

i’d like to do all of this with as much authenticity, humility, transparency, enthusiasm and good humor as possible.

There is very little good humor in the spiritual growth niche.  And trust me – it’s needed.

I have the basic framework, using the content cornerstone approach (the data dump outline which I’ll elaborate on in the days to come) for at least 4 good mindfulness books.

This is a very popular niche these days and will be for many years to come.

And I am 100% sure i have something unique to offer, as this practice has been a huge part of my changing own life for the last few years, and I truly believe it’s the secret to living a life of passion, purpose, energy and intense aliveness…..moment to moment.

And I know there are millions of people who, much like myself, will benefit from the tools and techniques I’ve learned to transform much of my own life along the way.

So I’ve got that to offer.   And that excites me.

I’d like to create an evolving online community around the mindfulness niche – i have a few different long standing plans for various communities of  coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, yogis, wellness workers, authors, artists, mindful marketers, mentors, passion professionals….

i’d like to launch at least one of these this year as an offshoot or better yet, an integrated piece of process that is this challenge.

(initially these were being designed in conjunction with a few different partnerships, but at this point, that looks to shelved as our ideas of what that community looks like has been in a constant state of flux, and friendly disagreement about how to develop it. 

I may just develop my own as part of the 1 new site, service, product or offer idea embedded into this challenge and leverage what I hope to be a growing audience for this to expedite the process of building some BUZZ for these sites as a result)

I’d like to collaborate on books with others in the mindfulness niche – and maybe some marketing content collaboration too.  (

although I’m a bit more interested in the ideas and opinions of mindfulness, rather than marketing – which is sort of less interesting to me from a collaboration standpoint) to that end, I’ve had 4 or 5 people send me some ideas over the east week i’d be interested in discussing.  And i have a few clients who i may collaborate with as well.

(after re-reading the first half of this, I’d also like to be able to start a new parapgraph without “I” or “I’d” but that’s going to have to be tomorrow’s challenge.)

I plan on turning my own personal site (Ianhollander.com) into a store where I can sell all of the stuff i create over the course of the year.  (as you can see right now, there is nothing there other than a coming soon message and a link to my social media, my business blog here, and so forth.

This will be one of the first pieces of this puzzle, and i plan on having this done within the next 4 weeks.  (it may be one of the first “sites” I do as part of the challenge – and will be a good example site for other coaches/consultants/teachers/trainers who want to sell their own products and services from a personal site.

I’ll also use that site to sell services in both the mindfulness and marketing communities – the public, and professionals alike.

i’m also use my personal site to document this challenge.

I’ll recommend products and services i use over the course of the year, to generate some affiliate commissions – both the free stuff, and the paid product I use on a daily basis as a small business in the entrepreneurial space.

This could be a total flop income wise or it could be a 6 figure income stream – at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

I will only recommend products I am using, and will recommend plenty of free alternatives when possible.  (e.g. – Mailchimp over Aweber, etc)

More importantly for the community at large – I plan on creating a separate (but similar) marketplace that also features the products and services of those who are participating in the challenge, either publicly, or on their own.

My real goal, outisde of my own selfish interests, is to help hundreds, or even thousands of anonymous people create their own products in 2015, and help them publish them on proven platforms (everything from Amazon to Gumroad to building your own storefronts) using tried and true marketing formulas that WILL generate sales.

This will be a central community to promote the products and services of those who are following along, and creating – books, products, offers, services, etc and offers some unique collaboration and revenue generation opportunities.  (via consulting fees, commissions, etc)

The challenges (no pun intended 🙂 in launching all of this are pretty significant.

  1. Maybe no one will care.  Or maybe, far fewer people will care than I expect.
  2. Maybe i’m committing to too much.  (i’m already thinking of ways to cheat)
  3. Maybe i waste a year of my life making 1/4 of the income i should.  Maybe i give up early and lose my last 712 subscribers.
  4. Maybe my social life suffers.  (it really can’t get much worse than it is)
  5. Maybe i’m exposed as a fraud.  Maybe my books get terrible reviews.  (although if I’m exposed as a fraud, i’m hoping at least my books get good reviews. it doesn’t seem fair to get hit with the same ugly stick twice)

The truth is, all of that is possible, and has crossed my mind.  (more than once)

And some of that may actually happen, in various combinations over the course of the next

And below, from a time standpoint – IS a big one that i’m sort of worried about:

I have a few larger projects with partners planned for 2015 that are unrelated to this (at least at the moment) , and have to think about how to integrate these into the challenge, or be continue to participate in their development as agreed without interfering with these commitments.

(and this is a significant worry from a time, attention and resource standpoint)  I don’t want to let anyone down, and like Nino Brown said in New Jack City – when it comes to my friends, and word – I am my brothers keeper)

But of course, as we all known, there are only 23 hours in the day, so that sort of scares me time wise.

Anyway, I’m writing this on April 8th 2015.

My first challenge project will be done in 7 days – and will be ready to view/buy or download by midnight, April 15th.

Have questions?  Ask away.  Connect with me on Facebook here.

See you on Day 2.