Yet another insightful article on some of the amazing benefits to building your blog with Tumblr in 2015. In addition to being fun, free and having a veritable avalanche of themes designs and endless content curation opportunities + community connections to make regardless of your niche, market or industry……Tumblr is also becoming a legitimate blog, brand, BUZZ and business building platform as well.

Simply stated, there is no easier way to create copious amounts of content than to CURATE, add and embellish upon what others have already created….and Tumblr is probably the easiest, push button platform in the world for doing just that. (and it’s obviously encouraged as well – no wondering how much of that article, blog post or content to clip or snip – Tumblr wants you to share the love, and that’s a beautiful way to build a brand new blog from scratch)

Check out the recent article from the Washington Post on why Tumblr is the new “Front Page” of the internet… the link following the excerpt below.

The Internet story of the year — perhaps of many years — began with a breezy, under-punctuated blog post on the Tumblr of some 21-year-old no one had previously heard of.

“Guys please help me,” the blogger wrote, ignorant of the fact that her words would echo in eternity. “Is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”

“The dress,” of course, has since become a Web phenomenon of unparalleled virality: 73 million page views on the post itself, 550 tweets a minute, and, its peak, a veritable Everest of takes and think pieces. Buzzfeed, the outlet that first broke the story (insofar as it was a “story,” and swiping it from Tumblr counts as “breaking”), published 30 follow-ups within a week. They had, per the “viral guru” Neetzan Zimmerman, reached “Viral Singularity.”

But while the dress may have been singularly popular, the path it took to get there was increasingly commonplace. From the depths of Tumblr, it conquered the entire viral Web: Buzzfeed, Twitter, Facebook eventually.

“This seems to be the new Viral Cycle,” Zimmerman told Vice’s Adrianne Jeffries.

It’s impossible to conclusively quantify the meta trends of the viral Web, of course, even given the host of tools and consultants dedicated to that pursuit. But last week, when Pricenomics’s data team scraped Buzzfeed to see where the viral powerhouse finds its stories, it found that Tumblr came out on top — over YouTube, Reddit and Imgur.