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I love this idea. Purposely and passionately seeking out someone to metaphorically (or literally) slam the proverbial door, in your face…..at least once per day.

The fear of rejection, or it’s close kissing cousins are without a doubt, the primary thing that holds most of us back from dancing in the direction of our dreams, and destiny.

After all……

Who wants to hear NO?

If you play the rejection therapy game, YOU do. (you can’t win without it ๐Ÿ™‚

I can still remember the girl who wouldn’t do the couples skate with me in 4th grade after I traded 4 canteen tickets for the fancy black skates in anticipation.

As evidenced by her Facebook page, she has gone on to be an epic failure as a human being, which serves her right for doing me wrong.

But the truth is, rejection is a fact of life.

We all face it.

Those who embrace it are braver than I.

This is definitely worth checking out, even if only as a small reminder that you always get to choose.

What some avoid, others embrace.

And that, much like other roads less traveled, does make all the difference in the world ๐Ÿ™‚


consists of only one main ruleโ€ฆ

Please notice the wording of the rule. It doesnโ€™t say you must attempt or try to be rejected. The rule is you MUST be rejected by another human being. In this game, rejection is success.

No other outcome will meet the requirement of Rejection Therapy.

To put yourself in a situation where rejection is likely, but to your surprise your request is granted, is not a successful outcome. Why? Because you werenโ€™t rejected. You didnโ€™t ask for enough.

There are a few stipulations as to what counts as a rejection, but the above rule is all you need to benefit from Rejection Therapy.


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