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Want the real secret to happiness?  Start a business.  (especially if you are a woman 🙂 

Interesting research on some of what makes us truly happy, healthy and fulfilled continuously shows that having a sense of passion and purpose in our work…especially if we work for ourselves, is the key to life satisfaction.

Here is a cool study on the the corelation between being an entrepreneur and happiness that happens to also reveal that while all of us get a lot more life satisfaction out of having our own businesses……women often report far higher happiness quotients than men when it comes to being self employed.

My own experience is that having a really compelling story – a reason why – a sense of passion and purpose and personal power that is wrapped up in story of what compels us to create or contribute or connect with our communities is the best driver for feeling fulfilled through our work.

(It can also be really effective to have a really compelling story about what life looks like when you DON’T do what you are truly called to do – how much smaller is your own canvass of contribution – of connection and who else suffers when you choose a smaller story than the one you know burns inside of you.  For me – in some sense, this is a much more compelling reason to do what I love…and a much better motivator when I feel like doing nothing as well – allowing myself to imagine I’m being used in the service of others, and that quitting early is not an option that affects only me)

There is truly nothing more rewarding than doing work that you love and using the canvas of your own concsiousness, and creativity, to help others do what they love in a much higher way as well.

Check out the full article following the short exceprt below.  And I’m planning on doing a whole bunch of audio recordings this month on the authority site and online agency style models for service oriented professionals – (some myself – and others with clients) if you’d like to get these sent to you via email (they may or may not be posted here on this blog) drop me a note ianrhollander@gmail.com and I’ll forward the download links to you as they go live.


What does a woman really want? That question has supposedly bedeviled men throughout the ages. A new study provides the answer: Her own business.

That’s one conclusion that could be drawn from the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor U.S. Report, issued today by Babson College and Baruch College. The report contained a number of insights about women business owners.

Most striking: Established women business owners ranked their happiness more than twice as high as non-entrepreneurs and non-business owners. In the chart below, which is taken from the report, TEA stands for total entrepreneurship activity.






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