I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions.

But, I am a big fan of convincing myself I’m going to do things differently in the future, than I have in the past.

Which, I guess, you could argue are new year’s resolutions.

And one of the big reason’s I love Mondays, too.

I want to do more work that I love….with people I like, and less that I don’t with both.

(because everyone knows the best time to change your life for the better are Monday’s.  Any other day is like swimming upstream on the transformational totem pole of doomed to disappoint)

Here are a few of the things I want to do more of in 2015.

I want to do more work that I love….with people I like, and less that I don’t with both.

I want to feel an evergreen enthusiasm, for getting up everyday with a sense of aliveness and urgency about the ideas I offer….and the work I’m putting out into the world.

I want to create, and be creative – and explore the edges of what I can offer – and what I do best, without worry of protecting my ego if I don’t do them as well as I think I can.  (and therefore not doing them anyplace other than in my imagination)

I want to be more service oriented, and less selfish.  To give more, to connect more, to feel more aligned with my own ethos, and less interested in my income.  (and do this in a way that is authentic, rather than telling myself one thing, but acting in another)

I want to be relentlessly open and optimistic and enthusiastic, rather than guarded and practical.

There was a great line that stuck with me on one of those real life crime story shows this weekend.

They described the guy who was featured in the show as relentlessly cheerful.

Relentlessly cheerful.  What a great way to be?

I would like to try that, without having a dead body in my bathtub at the end of the show like he did.

I want to remind myself of the reasons why I do this work.

I want to pretend that I know for sure that it matters.

I want to remember when I was sure that the world wanted something from me – that there was a reason – a story waiting to be fleshed out and filled in – one that needed my full attention to complete.

That there was something, somewhere, pushing, prodding and pulling me in the direction of my destiny, and I just needed to reach out and grab that invisible hand and embrace the adventure.

I’ve been 100% sure this is true..and then 100% sure it’s not.

The fact is, I like surprises.

I’m okay not knowing, and embracing the uncertainty of it all, but I’m best when i believe it to be true.

So I’ll look for that invisible hand again and just trust.

And I want to remember why I love what I do.  Why I feel so blessed to do this work.

To create content.  And communities.

Why I love to build relationships with people I’d never meet otherwise.

To inspire, to entertain, to move, to motivate to educate and offer a little bit of magic along the way.

This is my gift.

And when I forget it – I can’t find myself – in the mirror – or the maze of faces and places I disappear.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing more of  in 2015.

Starting on Monday.