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Million Dollar Authority Site Ideas


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Actually…this is more like a 47 million dollar (and counting) authority site idea that picks up where AIRBNB leaves off ๐Ÿ™‚

There have been so many different unique, eclectic and hyper specific style authority sites in the last few months that have made national news….all using the basic “directory” style model we’ve covered here ad nauseum over the last year or two.ย  (and that many of you I know are now using to build your own brands as well)

The good news is, not only are there an absolute unending amount of ideas in this space, the tools, templates and technologies that are available, even on a bootstrap budget, is light years better than it was just a short year or two as well.

The truth is, you can build a highly functioning, beautifully designed web directory in just about any niche, market or industry under the sun…..from hyper local community sites to national niche directories, and just about anything in between…complete with full marketplace functionality, booking integration (so that the professional profiles or service professionals can actually ACCEPT clients directly from YOUR site) and do all sorts of other cool and creative things……and launch it all for under $300 bucks to boot.

Check out the brand new LISTIFY theme to see just how far the directory model has evolved…..and then take a look at some of the more silicon valley style newsworthy sites and let your mind expand with what is possible for smaller entrepreneurs like you and I…….no 25 million dollars worth of venture capital investing (like just got) required!

As a quick side note – I’ve built several profitable directory sites from scratch in just the last few months using a very simple, scalable and easy to emulate model – and if this style approach appeals to you, I’m happy to help you build your own as well.ย  I have a small team of web developers, content creators and outsourced agents who not only have tone of experience now building profitable authority sites using a number of different marketing models…..but who can quickly and easily help you get started (and following a very paint by numbers process that I’m using for my own projects as well)

I have one new client – a married couple in the midwest….who have built a series of small sites using a much more remedial directory style model who are not onlyย  earning a full time income using this approach in small rural communities, they are now buying OTHER directories and booking style sites in communities throughout neighboring states as well – and selling web agency style services to their members……..all following the very same cookie cutter approach that literally anyone with some self confidence, and some vision, and a willingness to dive in and actually DO something…… can do very easily as well.

So many ideas….and so little time, right?ย  Life is short – and distractions abound – but if you are serious about a simple and easy to try and apply approach to building local assets, offering genuine value to both the PUBLIC, and the professionals you serve, building proactive authority sites has got to be the ONE fool proof method for real wealth creation – it’s not always “sexy” -but it DOES work almost all of the time if you begin with the end in mind.

Check out the article below on how has grown exponentially in both investment and interest over the last few years, or drop me a note HERE to let me know about your project – your passion – and what you’d like to build in 2015 and beyond ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not quite, with its beloved sock-puppet. But it’s close.

DogVacay, which connects dog owners and pet sitters, recently announced a $25 million round of funding

Founded in 2012, the company says it has 20,000 registered sitters and surpassed 1 million bookings last month. The company has raised $47 million including this round. It declined to disclose its revenue.

Riffsy lets you text puppy gifs and just received $3.5 million in funding

The company is sometimes described as “Airbnb for dogs,” because it lets dog owners avoid kennels the way the Airbnb lets tourists skip hotels. But CEO and founder Aaron Hirschhorn pushes back against that description.

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