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Beautiful, minimal & wonderful tumblr themes for authors, artists, creatives & content marketers.    If you truly crave content that converts, inspires, illuminates and entertains…the truth is, you’ve got to keep your audience engaged with what you say.
And if you are doing online “Agency” style work like many of the people I’m working with now are….if you can impart that ethos in your clients,  not only will you make your own life infinitely easier when it comes to helping folks launch new content campaigns, you’ll be sharing the one secret that is so obvious, yet easy to overlook.

Simplicity sells.

I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite resources over the next few weeks – tools, templates and easy to apply techniques that you can use to amplify and accentuate your own content marketing campaigns, but will work wonderfully well for your clients as well.

(for those of you working on building online agency style services)

Pixel Revel’s Tumblr themes are AWESOME for content marketers, authors, artists, passion professionals and ENLIGHTENED entrepreneurs (and tumblr is also a great and underused platform to promote those style niches as well)…and it appears like they’ve got some similarly special WordPress themes cooking as well.

(I use their ROYALE theme on a number of Tumblr projects both on my own,   with others and now for clients…… it’s beautiful to use and look at, inspires me to want to create something cool and also happens to be 100% free….. which never sucks)

Check them out – and check back here as I’ll be sharing lots of other great resources  in the days to come)


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