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If you’ve never experienced the wonderful world of WordPress hosting in a managed environment……you are really missing out on a simple, easy and amazingly elegant way to simplify your blog, brand and business.

(especially if you are secretly a bit tech phobic like me….and abhor the idea of doing upkeep on the behind the scenes stuff that is, unfortunately…an essential part of running an online business)

Managed WordPress hosting has become pretty popular over the last few years, I’ve tried and have used several of the best services and would never go back to doing the old way.

(this blog is hosted with WPengine – one of the premier providers in the managed WP hosting space)

The problem of course, is that it’s sorta kinda expensive to go the managed route…especially if you have low traffic and a bootstrap budget and can’t justify spending the extra money on something that you may not yet need. (i’d argue of course that any time wasted working on the innards of upkeeping wordpress is time i’ll never get back and regret on my deathbed as well, which…if this pesky and persistent headache i’ve been having this weekend doesn’t disappear by next week, may be closer than I predicted 🙂

The good news?

Much maligned (and often unfairly) Godaddy has now stepped into the WP managed hosting space…and their deals right now are simply too ridiculously good to pass up.

I just bought a full YEAR of managed WP hosting…..with a free domain name (something I always tell folks to not do in any other scenario) for 12 bucks.

12 months of managed WP hosting……for 12 dollars (and I got a great domain name I was going to register anyway for free)

So instead of spending the day at the beach as planned – i’m back where I belong – sitting on my rear end in a windowless room with a big ass mac cinema display for a view.

Who knew lazy, hazy end of summer days could be so crazy?

If you have any interest in jumping on the managed WP bandwagon and want to save 84% (or whatever they say it is when you carry the 1’s) check out the offer page here, before it’s no longer there.

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