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Here are a few ideas for those of you who are interested in learning how to build an authority site, without having to endure some of the most common challenges and obstacles that keep most folks from ever really being able to “build something” valuable, viable and enduring in their niche.

The truth is, for most of us, while the idea of creating copious amounts of inspiring, illuminating, informative and entertaining content may SOUND like a very sexy strategy and path to pursue…unfortunately, in the vast majority of situations (there are obvious exceptions of course) no matter HOW talented you may be, your “authority” is never going to translate and transform into an engaged audience and a community of clients and cash.

There IS a better way. And a simple strategy that WILL stack the odds heavily in your favor. I lay some of this out in the short article below…….which is part of another project I’m working on for folks who really want to scale this strategy up and out in a very specific way. I’m sharing it here below – and again, as I mention, I’ll probably be codifying all of this authority site content into an ebook you can buy on Amazon in the fall as well.

Enjoy….and i’ve got tons of very unique and exceptionally easy (and current) strategies for implementing this marketing model with great success, if you want to chat about it with me one on one, follow the contact prompts following the piece below.

Q:  What is an authority site?  What is the easiest way to build a new authority site from scratch, without investing tons of time, money, effort, energy and income into a project that may NEVER become a success?  Should I simply start a blog in an area that I have experience, “authority” or expertise?  And what if my niche, market or industry is SO crowded and competitive that it feels like incredibly heavy lifting to step up and stand out in the sea of sameness and similarity where everyone else seems to swim?


The truth is, creating a site that is considered “authoritative” and that reaps the benefits of a highly trusted, well respected destination or content community in YOUR niche is probably a lot easier than you realize, and I want to share a few very simple ways to do that, immediately below.


First, I want to challenge you to re-think the idea of what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.

What is your goal?  What is the over arching objective that your blog,  brand, or business is out to achieve?  Often, taking a simple step back and getting hyper clear on what your ultimate goals are, can  be an incredibly inspiring way of getting very clear on the direction, and approach you ought to take to get there.

Years ago, when I started my own content marketing business, I erroneously believed that starting a blog, and writing until my fingers were numb was the key to creating an audience out of thin air. 

Not true.  (and not easy even when you have ADHD, a court ordered ankle bracelet  and a whole bunch of free time like me)

I truly thought that having to be continuously creative on a day in, day out basis was the ONLY way to build a community of fans, friends, followers and an engaged audience that would evangelize for my blog and brand.

Eventually, my “authority” would shine through…and the trust, relationship and ultimately, credibility that my content created would win me customers, clients and cash.

Of course that DOES work.  But it’s a lot of work!

And it can take a really, really long time to get discovered by enough people in your niche to be able to parlay your passion into profit.

So here is a much SIMPLER way that I discovered through some trial and error that not only works wonderfully well for most folks who try and apply it, it also makes intuitive sense if you think about it, and expedites the speed at which you are able to accomplish your ultimate objectives by a factor of 10X or better.….all on a bootstrap budget to boot.

If you truly want to learn how to build a fun, easy, ethical and ENJOYABLE business using the authority model, I’m going to be sharing a lot more about this in the days and weeks to come with a lot more specificity, and…..i’m about 97% sure that, time allowing….. I’ll putting all of this into a short, 100 page ebook and accompanying audio that will be published on Amazon after the Summer.

But for the time being, simply consider how you can IMMEDIATELY implement some of these ideas and exercises in your own marketing model, and watch how quickly the “A-ha” moments arise.

The end result of shifting this approach is one where you can totally transform your site strategy from one that is “you” focused, to one that is community and end user focused.

The irony of course, as we’ll explore,  is that by taking YOURSELF out of the equation a bit, you can actually earn a whole heck of a lot more “authority” and add a ton more value to the lives of your ideal audience and niche neighbors as you go, flow and grow.

Here is a sample process flow or marketing map that I like to employ when building these things out for myself, or helping clients do the same for their own passions or projects.

First, begin with the end in mind.

Like we covered above…what is your  ultimate goal or objective once you’ve established trust, respect, relationships and a large readership in your niche?

In other words, once you’ve got an audience who looks to you as an authority, how will you monetize that, or build your brand and business around that?

So many people (including myself at various junctures in time) start a project HOPING to build a big audience, and then when we get one….we aren’t sure what to offer, service or sell to turn those eyeballs into income.


Next, once you know your ultimate objective, consider adding a theme or concept to your content, and your community that EXPEDITES the process of adding instant value, and gives your ideal audience a REAL reason and skin in the deal incentive to visit, read and recommend your site to others.

The fastest way to do this in my own experience is to build very specific style sites that cater to your community and facilitate user generated content.

Consider the following 8 types of ways to build a community in your niche that can not only be launched from scratch for about $100, they can literally position you as an authority and thought leader in your niche, market or industry WITHOUT needing to create a ton of compelling content on your own.


  1. Q and A style sites (niche or industry Q and A that can be “seeded” by you, and user generated and community curated thereafter)
  2. News and Magazine style sites (these often are EASIEST to launch in a hyper local marketplace or geography where you live, work or play)
  3. Job board or employment sites
  4. Classified sites
  5. Niche related video portals
  6. A Marketplace site where you match vendors (sellers, service providers and creators in your niche) with the public who is searching for products and services to buy in that space.  (think stock photography style sites, sites that feature sellers who offer services and the public who needs them, etc)
  7. Social networking sites – using a free wordpress plugin like Buddypress to create a community around an idea or ethos or a “tribe” of people who share a passion or purpose or sense of community.  (dating style sites, religious or spiritual communities, trade groups, etc)
  8. Lastly…..my favorite approach for building an authority site MAY be hyper local or even national niche style DIRECTORY sites that emulate YELP and encourage your ideal audience to not only create content FOR you (submitting their own professional profiles) but they also help build BUZZ for your site by spreading the word to their fans, friend and followers that they’v been featured on your site.

When you own an authority site like an established directory in a popular niche, getting folks to contribute content is also very easy…as they are showcasing themselves to both the  public, and their peers.

Quite often, you will also find those very people are willing to PAY to post content on your site as well, in the form of featured interviews, articles, audios, and other sort of  content that helps everyone who is invested in your site – the public, the professional, and of course….YOU, the owner, authority and enlightened entrepreneur who is behind it all.

Make sense?  The best part of using this style approach is that it’s easy….and you aren’t re-inventing the wheel, or investing thousands of dollars into the tools or technology that drives these specialty types of sites.  You can literally buy templates and simple plugins that can facilitate all of this for you for under $100….and be up and running in a short weekend as well.

Have questions?  Want to explore this idea in more detail?  Curious but not convinced?

Shoot me an email, say hi on Twitter or schedule a 15 minute consultation via our private text based chat community HERE.  


Do What You LOVE for a Living

Join our brand new beta marketplace of coaches,consultants, teachers, trainers, artists, authors, marketers, mentors, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals who want to wake the WORLD through your work!


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