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Here is a short article (below the jump) I wrote for EZA earlier today to do a little bit of lead generation from my online marketing agency list.

The truth is, as a bunch of you who are working with me now already know, using AUTHORITY sites (or the perception of an evolving authority site) is my favorite way to sell services, and to cultivate clients in your ideal audience or niche, market or industry of choice.


For many of the reasons I’ve covered for months – authority sites can live many lives and serve many masters.

1 – They can (and should) have EMPIRICAL value as an online asset.  For example -if you build a global directory of professionals in a given niche, or create a hyper local news or magazine style site, or you create a marketplace, or a job board, or a crowd funding community, or a buddypress social network, you are creating an ASSET that has value.  If you “own” eyeballs, and get traffic, even if you do nothing else…..that has real world, objective value in the open marketplace.  (check out some of the recent site sales on FLIPPA, if that doesn’t make sense)


2 – More importantly for my purposes……an authority site gives you the appearance of authority and expertise. You OWN something of value in your niche.  If your underlying objective is to sell services, or to build a web marketing agency that caters to a given community (either niche oriented or geographically orieinted) you can LEVERAGE that perceived authority and expertise…and use some of the features and flexibility of owning something that has niche noteriety to sell your services to the very professionals who need them most.

For example – if you want to sell web development style services to realtors – and own a local directory of real estate agents in a given city – and at any given time there are 30% of active realtors who need BETTER brand, blog or online business buidling, how much extra “ummpph” can YOU offer over and ABOVE another joe blow web development agency if you own a directory already that has some authority in the local marketplace?

And what if your local directory ALSO gets 500 or 800 visits from people who are looking to buy, rent or lease real estate in your local area as well?  How much extra leverage does that give YOU over your competition?

How many creative ways can you turn that traffic into an exciting way to engage and attract realtors (or whatever niche you’re in) to want to PICK you rather than some other bland brand or blog builder in your local area?

The difference is simply a little bit of proactive positioning…and the above just touches the very tip of the myriad of marketing magic you can offer when you combine the authority site approach with selling services in the blog or brand building space.

I’m launching a brand new marketplace with a couple partners this month in the spiritual/”enlightened” entpreneurial space this month using a very simple authority site model, and another one in August using a directory model in a local community not far from where I live.

If you are interested in learning how to do this sort of thing yourself (it’s super easy) keep checking back over the next few weeks as I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of innovative ways to not only do it…..but some excerpts from an upcoming book I have coming out on Amazon for “enlightened entrepreneurs” and PURPOSE driven professionals, along with a whole hodge podge of other ideas I’m excited about.  (and hope you are as well!)

Check out the article I submitted to EZA below – and if you have any questions on how to implement this approach in YOUR business, use the contact form HERE to say hi – I’m happy to help!


What would your online business look like if you didn’t have to chase clients?  How much easier would it be if clients came to YOU instead?  Imagine how great it would be to not only build VALUABLE online assets, but to simultaneously build BUZZ for your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account to boot?

The truth is, you CAN do exactly that with elegant and expeditious ease, and building an authority site in your niche is probably the absolutely BEST “underground” strategy for creating both a COMMUNITY, and generating clients for your online marketing “agency” at the very same time.

In my own business, in 2014….this is pretty much my exclusive focus.

First – creating online ASSETS using the authority site model that have empirical value in a niche that I feel a powerful sense of passion and purpose around.

Next, leveraging that content, and the community that emanates from it, to connect with, and cultivate clients for my own online marketing agency.

For example?

You can create a hyper local buddypress social networking community in YOUR local marketplace, where you currently live and work, that focuses on news, events and happenings in your city, town or municipality.

You are not only building a site that has PUBLIC value to the people who live local to you, but you are simultaneously positioning yourself as an expert, or authority, in the online marketing landscape by virtue of the fact that you own a site that is locally known.

Or, consider creating a “YELP” like business directory in your niche, industry or marketplace, or in one that you would love to be perceived as an authority or expert within.  Not only does this give you some “power” in your niche, it gives you the opportunity to sell additional services “behind” the scenes, from premium placements on your directory, to featured listings, to more conventional high value offers like web development, blog building, web design, newsletter and email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, or just about any other offer that has interest to you.

You can build this sort of authority site using WordPress….and very simple, specialized templates of all types and stripes that literally cost no more than a few hundred bucks, and build a 6 figure business from SCRATCH, out of thin air, doing work that you love, AND simultaneously building an online asset that has empirical value, starting today. (no gimmicks, and no “gurus required)

Do What You LOVE for a Living

Join our brand new beta marketplace of coaches,consultants, teachers, trainers, artists, authors, marketers, mentors, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals who want to wake the WORLD through your work!


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