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Q and A sites are still a great, fun and amazingly EASY way to create content, build a community and position yourself as an expert, authority or thought leader in a niche, market or industry.  (be it a hyper local authority style site….or a bigger, broader and more generalized Q and A that caters to a global community)

When I first started developing the Content Community Continuum strategy for my own business, as some of you may recall, I was using (and recommending) themes like ASKIT, which were super affordable options for folks who wanted to build their own version of Yahoo Answers, or Stack Overflow…..for under $100.

Using a FAQ style strategy to build a site (asking questions and offering up answers) remains one of my favorite ways to quickly and easily create killer content that is hugely helpful and keyword friendly, without being scammy, spammy or creating contrived content.

The other big benefit of Q and A style sites is that you can OUTSOURCE these very easily.

And because the content is so super duper easy to create (remember, you are just populating the site with questions that are already being asked in the niche, often verbatim, which means they don’t have be poetic posts to be PERFECT for exact match traffic) you can really have a site built for you that positions you as the thought leader, expert or authority in your niche of interest.

The truth is, while I haven’t been using dedicated themes for Q and A style sites for the last 18 months or so, instead focusing on BuddyPress communities with the Q and A sections being handled by plugins (like offered here by DesignWall)….BUT, i’ve been quietly watching as some really good, really elegant and really forward thinking themes have been built.

Here is a new Q and A theme by a popular Themeforest author that looks great, has some pretty advanced functionality and would be a dead simple, entry level authority site that absolutely ANYBODY could build….be it in a local marketplace (an entry level city guide) or a larger niche style site that answers the common questions being asked in the niche overall.

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