🚀 Build Profitable Directories!

Free Course. Get the Authority Advantage....🚀 & LAUNCH a profitable online agency with the web directory model.

If you are looking for some good ideas (and an email template you can copy and use) for creating new clients out of “thin air”, you are going to love this approach.

The steps are simple:

  • Have a high value FREE service to offer that has empirical, real world value.
  • Have a back end “THIS is what I do” value proposition to extend the offer beyond free.
  • Simply pick 10 or 12 local professionals who are in your ideal audience, or who you’ve identified as your target market, and copy and paste the basic email template I’ve included at the end of the post.

Hope you enjoy….and more importantly, that you try, apply and actually USE this approach to build your own local consulting business, starting this weekend! 






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