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Authority Site (directory Model)

Step 1 – Pick your niche

Step 2 – Identify your offer

Step 3 – Choose your domain  (local state/city/town + profession)

Step 3 – Install WordPress

Step 4 – Install a Directory template

Step 5 – Populate the site by hand with 20 -30 listings

Step 6 – “Over” include their information.  Err on the side of MORE. Twitter/Facebook/Website/phone/email/hours – the more you share about them, the better and more appreciative they’ll be
Step 7 – CONTACT the listings on Facebook/Twitter or email to let them KNOW they’ve been added to your directory.  Include a link to their listing

Step 8 – IMPORTANT!  Proactively Identify as many of the people in that niche who do NOT have a website, blog or have an outdated or never updated URL that NEEDS the offer you identified in step 2 (e.g. – if you are doing blog building or web design – or content marketing – or local SEO – or social media – you want to have a list of people who you KNOW who need what you do – and are now going to be acutely aware that they are LACKING in an area that others in their industry already have)

Step 9 – Present your irresistible offer.  (What you are going to give them for free…..or how you are going to offer them something so good, that it’s empirically obvious that saying NO is harder than saying YES.  (and please!  🙂


Authority sites – and hyper local directories have inherent VALUE.  They position you as an expert, or “power player” in your niche, in the local marketplace without a lot of heavy lifting.

They allow you to build a bridge to people who may NOT be willing to talk to you on your own.

If you are selling services…..a directory or authority site can be a GREAT and innovative Unique Selling Proposition. They can give you a huge competitive advantage over your competition, as you have something of value to LEAD with….and create lots of good will upfront – that your competition will not consider.

Owning an authority site is a HUGE short cut to getting access to a market – and the professionals who compete within it – without anything more than a keyboard, creativity COMPLIMENTARY content, and a willingness to let people KNOW that they’ve been added, or included in your local directory for free.

(you can also build a fee based directory – but it’s not even neccessary to do incredibly well with this model)

  1. An authority site – using the directory model also allows you to EASILY sell what it is that you REALLY want to sell…and to WHOM you want to sell it to.
  2. Authority sites don’t have to be big, content heavy sites that takes weeks, months or years to build.

adobeThey simply need to be sites that provide GENUINE value to both your visitors (those looking for the best xyz professional in abc city) and the professional people you are listing on the directory (offering them a positive write up or review – a “link” from a local directory – and of course, the ability to be featured, or prominently positioned on the site itself)

Want to be influential in a certain  niche, market or industry in your town right now?

This is a super easy, super obvious way to bring value – get noticed – and smoothly segue into selling HIGH END services to people who know they need you – and know they need what you know – without needing to “sell yourself” much at all 🙂

Make sense?

Super easy – and this was the exact model I used in the “How I got 17,345 New Visitors to a brand NEW site for FREE” post that I described in detail right here.

You CAN start earning great money – in YOUR community – right now……using this approach.

I’d be happy to help, AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU SUCCEED.  Very few spots available in my LOCAL LAUNCHiT coaching……if you want to participate,  now is the time 🙂

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