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Here is a short somewhat superficial yet 100% empirically true article on the reasons (and rationale) why investing in online assets….or buying domains and building websites is probably the very BEST ROI that remains in the online space.

As many of you know – I’d go a lot further, or maybe in a slightly different direction than they recommend here. I say the absolute BEST and easiest way to parlay small profits into an amazing and evergreen opportunity is HYPER local domains and websites that are targetted and marketed to existing people in those very professions who need those assets anyway…and would prefer turnkey solutions NOW rather than start from scratch and most likely pay a hell of a lot more later.

Said in simple English?

Proactively registering domains local to you in YOUR IDEAL NICHE – and then targeting and marketing those domains back to the very professionals who you know need them. (people with BAD websites – or no websites – or OLD websites or UGLY websites are all ideal candidates for an INSTANT upgrade you can offer with what you’ve already built)

The truth is, if there is a perpetually EASIER way to turn a $10 dollar domain investment into an easy 4 figure profit anywhere, on a pretty routine basis, I don’t know what it is. (and this is a big focus of what I’m working on in 2014...both with my LAUNCHiT local clients as well in my own business as well – hyper local authority sites – buddypress communities – directories and using the perceived expertise and experience that these sites offer folks who can’t do what we can – the opportunity to partner with us in a whole host of unique, innovative and mutually beneficial ways.

Remember – one thing that FLIPPA doesn’t cover below (but I dive into a lot of depth and detail with my own clients) is selling SERVICES behind the sites themselves.

For example –

  • I can have a local domain registered
  • a premium blog installed,
  • a newsletter configured for email automation and list building,
  • some content curated,
  • a few links built……

and have a GOOD looking local site up and ready in about the same time it took the Philadelphia Eagles to put up 50+ points on the Bears last night.

(which, if you weren’t watching the game….. is just short of 3.5 hours:-)

I can literally GIVE, or rent, or lease that site to a person in that very field – in my own community for NOTHING – offering to let them have it – or use it – for zero up front cost. I can of course, also tell them that in return for the brand new ASSET I’m offering them, I simply want a modest $200 a month for very basic SEO, hosting, content updates once per week, and/or to manage the email sequence I wrote in an hour to go out to folks who stop by and sign up…..which of course, will recommend their local business.

That is a DIRT cheap investment for them on a continuity service they really DO need (monthly maintainance and web updates and/or anything else you want to offer) + plus they get a “free” site with a great domain name and a premium framework all ready to rock and roll without mess, stress, muss or fuss….and YOU get a $2400 contract.

Or you could do it for $400 a month and $500 down.

Or give the whole thing away for 10 local referrals in a high value niche that you really DO have your eye on that you KNOW that business has an “in” with 🙂

Or – you can do just about any other powerful permutation of this process – and offer anything YOU want that makes sense.

Does it always work exactly like that? Of course not – sometimes BETTER and sometimes you’ll end up with a site that you literally can’t “give away” for a month or two or even on occasion…depending on where you live, longer.

The first significant sale I ever made (2K) online was using this exact method…..and for a lot MORE money upfront…and a lot LESS of an idea of what I was even doing.

I was totally clueless, other than intuitively understanding that a domain name – in a big city – in a desirable profession where people were paying BIG money for leads (cosmetic dentistry) was WORTH something, to someone working in that field who didn’t have my skills. (which at the time, weren’t all that skillfull..:-)

I just knew, like all great ideas that are born from a little bit of INSPIRATION and a whole bunch more DESPERATION, if I didn’t sell something soon….I may have to go out and get a job that didn’t allow me to wear boxer shorts to the conference room table while chomping on a box of Captain Crunch for breakfast.

There are MANY, many unique, innovative and fun ways to do this…many of which are obvious – and others, not so much…but easy to learn.

In any event – check out the article from FLIPPA.com below for more on their take on investing in online real estate, and if you HAVE something to sell right now, they have a great deal on listing fees through the 6th of January. (50% off)

We’ve seen it happen again and again here on Flippa. Smart, motivated people invest inwebsitesdomains, and apps. They see an opportunity to make better use of the land, which the previous owner had missed, or didn’t have the time to do something about.

Jon Yau, the buyer of StockPhoto.com, is a great example of someone who not only sees the value in digital real estate, but is also determined to make his new land work for him and his business goals. Heck, he even convinced his wife it was worth the $250,000 investment.

Digital properties are here to stay. Are you missing out?

2. Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Yes, a full-blown website requires maintenance, but it’s not as much physical labor as looking after a block of land and a house. You decide how far you want to take your website, domain or app. How much you want to work on it.

You choose the what, where, and how. You choose your own lifestyle.

You can access your digital asset from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection. And this is what makes it so much easier and valuable to own digital properties.

Forget spending three hours in a car to get to your summer house – your digital assets travel with you. They don’t care if you’re in sunny Australia or snowy Sweden!

3. Make Money with Your Land

Of course, you can make money from your digital property. After all, that’s the dream. Whether you want to spend more time with your family or quit your day job, your digital properties can help you achieve that.



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