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A few quick thoughts – and then I’ll share a simple 3 step process that builds off of the life purpose exercise I hope you did a few days back.

The beauty of doing local consulting work in the entrepreneurial spaces isn’t just that it’s easy, profitable and evergreen.….but that the process of CHOOSING what you want to do – who you are – who you serve and HOW you help others succeed can be incredibly illuminating in many deeper areas of your life as well – e.g. – for me – it really helps clarify not only “Who I am” and what I do – but WHO I want to do it for….and equally as important – who I don’t.

(one of the great overlooked exercises that most entrepreneurs neglect – including myself – is often identifying the sort of people you DON’T want as clients – and there is an incredible feeling of empowerment that arises from being able to choose)

And if you do some of these exercises – I promise, you WILL be able to choose.

Here are the steps –

(again – you should definitely check out THIS post if you haven’t already done so – just for the 5 life purpose questions that may sound trite and trivial – but I promise you – they’re aren’t)

1 identify an industry/pick a niche

Not a niche you want to sell in per se – (e.g. – this isn’t about starting a hub page or selling affiliate products) but a niche – or an industry that you want to work in as a agency, coach or consultant – said differently – a population of existing PROFESSIONALS you want to SERVE.

Use the technique described in the “purpose post” to identify who you are – and what you LOVE to do – and then reverse engineer the ideal audience (your niche!) from there.

2 – Identify your offer

Pick something specific to sell.  Something that would excite, inspire and make you roll out of bed in the morning with your ideas on fire.

It could be you have chosen to be a Product Launch Specialist…and you help local businesses put their best work into the world with amazing, exciting and inspiring launch strategies.

Or maybe you are a crowdfunding consultant.  

And you help local entrepreneurs put their inspired ideas into the world so that OTHER people can contribute, collaborate and participate in the process of putting something NEW and needed into the world.

Maybe you just do SE0 – or blog building – so that the people in your niche can do the work they DO BEST, without worrying about adding articles or building back links or worrying about ranking well in the search engines.

Or maybe you are an email relationship marketing expert – and you help local doctors or dentists build high converting email marketing campaigns so that they can turn strangers into subscribers….and subscribers into “sales” with fun, entertaining and meaningful follow up messages that convert like crazy.

(I know a girl who took this very simple idea – relationship marketing for high professionals in a market that she already knew from her “day” job – and built an extremely lucrative  business from scratch…….in a matter of months, doing something so incredibly simple, that just about everyone reading this right now could either do already – or learn in a few hours)

The key is – pick a few things that you really WANT to do – that you feel uniquely & strongly suited to do – that you’d LOVE to do – and do JUST that, at least for starters.  

(rather than offering a wide smattering or smorgasbord of services that commoditize your creativity and dilute the stuff you do best)

Lastly – 3 – identify your ideal client acquisitions strategy

Here you can be a bit more agile and experimental than feeling the need to be a bit ferociously focused – which helps while doing the first two parts.  (picking a niche – and having an offer)

You can do everything and anything you like to acquire clients – from creating hyper local authority sites (like news, community or professional directories….like I described in THIS post here) to using the complimentary content approach to appeal to local professionals who are already in your ideal audience – (this post covers how I did that THIS summer to generate well over 20 thousand new visitors to a brand new “national” directory in about a month) to using Craigslist and backpage ads for generating free leads – to proactive asset creation in a local market – (using SITES to sell back end services the BEST way to turn $10 into $1200 or more  that I know)

The truth is, like most else in life – you are only limited by your imagination, inspiration, your commitment and your creativity.

Remember – you can also use a bevvy of proven “real world” strategies for client acquisition as well – everything from doing a little local market research and identifying your 20 best prospects using search – to making outrageously attractive offers that folks WILL have a hard time ignoring using social media, or even just old fashioned email, contact form or on occasion, the phone.

The real reason that local marketing consulting – or building a hyper local online agency is probably the EASIEST way to build a 6 figure income from home…..on a shoestring budget, out of thin air?

  1. Because there are ALWAYS tons and tons of professional people in every community – in every country – in every country – who need what you know.

As I’ve told many of my clients this week during our chat sessions – I have friends – peers – and relatives who are super smart and successful in the “real world” but who know NOTHING at all about how to market themselves online.

My sister – a psychiatrist – makes me cringe when I hear what she’s paid for a “blogger blog” that some local NYC “consultant” told her cost $1000 to install and hundreds per month to maintain.

Another friend who took over a big heavy equipment rental company that does millions of dollars in annual sales in South Florida…..and were paying a guy thousands of dollars per year to “update” and host a website that looked like it was designed when Al Gore was first creating html code in 1984.

Local marketing is the EASIEST, most ethical and expeditous way to get PAID for doing work that you love -for helping REAL people succeed, and for creating ongoing rewarding relationships in your current community that CAN endure for a lifetime.

A quick illustration that everyone who has struggled online can identify with?

If you are an affiliate marketer – and are converting 2 out every 100 visitors you refer to the offer are doing pretty darn good, right?  Many of the best affiliates only “sell” a half of one percent of their traffic…..because it’s typically a gadget or gimmick that most folks don’t really need.

If you are a LOCAL marketer – who is converting 2 out of every 100 visitors – you are doing something radically wrong!

Your conversions SHOULD be exponentially higher…….and depending on the type of offer you have or the industry you are in – you may find that 25% or more of the people you “speak” to become clients.  (and much  higher if that is coming from referrals – or people you’ve already worked with locally already)

If you have 100 dentists – or 100 detailers – or 100 dog trainers LOCAL to you – who NEED help building buzz for their brand, blog or business and have no clue what to do – it should be pretty apparent, that if you DO know what to do – and CAN help them – and can present an irresistibly attractive offer that seals the deal, you’ve got a pretty high converting business in a box from jump.

  1. Niche
  2. Offer
  3. And how you’re going to get local clients

That’s all you need to begin – and while you may THINK #3 is the hardest piece of the process – I promise – it’s not.

(and we’ll be covering some cool ways to do that in the days and weeks ahead)

A PDF of this is coming as well – and to set up a private 20 minute FREE chat with me via Campfire to get your business fast tracked and up and running sooner rather than later – drop me a note HERE and I’ll put it on the schedule.  🙂

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