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As I’m looking through some of the various ways I’ve used to promote my many different business interests over the last few years…

…and trying to parse out the most cost effective ways for people on a bootstrap budget to build BUZZ for their brand, blog, business and bank account on a local level…..I can’t help but be reminded of some of my biggest failures as a copywriter, and professional content marketer, in trying to get my own message out to the masses.

For example – this Fiverr offer – which I was really very excited about – only got one response.

I netted a cool $4 – which doesn’t suck – but was a lot less than I was expecting.

Plus the order came from a friend – which sort of kinda you could argue means that I got no orders at all, which I try not to consider.

For what it’s worth – I got a good amount of the ending right – which is important when posting that sort of promise.

You can read the whole offer – see the ad – and even order the gig still if you want – while Breaking Bad may be long over…….my ad, and offer will live forever.


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