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Focus has always been my biggest challenge.

Picking ONE thing……and pruning the rest.

With so many different inspired ideas out there to choose from…..who wants to pick just one?

It’s trite…..but it’s true.

Your mindset, is often far more important than your marketing….and the ability to PICK a path – and stick with it – is, without a question, the biggest differentiator between those who succeed, and those who perpetually paddle upstream.

The single best advice I can ever offer – either to you – or myself – is to focus on one thing.

It doesn’t have to be forever……but it has to be long enough to give what you endeavor to accomplish a fair shot at success.

Everyone reading this right now – can earn a great income online or off – doing meaningful work that inspires you and makes you come alive with a sense of passion and purpose – while being creative and contributing to your community – starting right now if you choose.

Of that I am 100% certain.

But you have to Choose.

And you can’t do that if you are perpetually seeking out bright and shiny strategies that have nothing to do with who you really are – what you do really well – and the kind of contribution you really believe you are here to create in the first place.

I’m guilty of this too.

Most people I know are juggling a zillion things – and exploring different exciting ideas – and while that sounds good on paper or on a resume – it’s a net negative when it comes to actually making progress in the direction of your dreams

The key to staying focused is super simple –

1) it’s having a marketing MANTRA –

2) And a MANIFESTO of some sort that CENTERS you – and inspires you – and gives mojo and meaning to your work

I want to repeat these concepts – with illustrations – both again below.

(we covered this in THIS post – and THIS post – but it’s worth repeating)

Whenever you stray from what is most important, as you will – the key is – you keep coming back to your mantra – and your manifesto – as below.

If you do this exercise – and stick with it – even for a surprisingly short time…….your brand, business, and personal sense of PROGRESS will grow in ways that a million teleseminars can’t touch or teach.

The one practice that has taught me this above all else – because my OWN brain – left unchecked – is a disaster of odd attractions and dubious distractions – is meditation.

For example –

If you use a mantra to meditate – every meditative tradition will tell you the same thing:

When your thoughts wander – when your focus flitters and flutters and dances and prances in dubious directions…..

Simply and gently come back to the mantra.

Your mantra is your anchor of equanimity and clarity.

If you are doing concentration or object based meditation –

The actual “mechanics” of the meditation can be a very different process –

Yet –

It’s the same underlying lesson underneath.

When your focus flutters and thoughts intrude – as they do and will – come back to your breath.

The mantra is a reminder.

An anchor.

Your center.

What is uniquely true about you.

Stay committed to that – and what’s NOT important will start to disappear.

The same is 100% here.

Here are the core practices.

– Your marketing mantra.

Keep asking yourself these same empowering questions….every day.

When distractions arise throughout the day…..notice that you are moving away from your focus, and re-ask (and answer) them again.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What do they really want or need ?
  5. How do their lives change or transform when you do it?

(note – as I pointed out on the previous posts – for first time readers – these are not my questions – but a timeless technique that has been reworded and re-imagined by many authors over the years – I credit Disney/Hollywood producer Adam Leipzig – simply because it was through his talk that I first heard them framed and phrased this way)

Then –

Translate that into a BIG benefit that demonstrates how what do in the world makes the world a better, brighter, and more beautiful place.

For example – here might be mine:

My name is Ian…..I am a WRITER and blogger and a PASSIONATE business builder – I inspire coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, authors, artists, marketers, mentors, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals with amazing and innovative ideas so that THEY can do what they LOVE for a living and change the world with their work

I’m also an excellent tennis player. (That’s not part of my mantra, but I thought I’d share that with you anyway)


Then –

Make a manifesto and post it –

Either on your site –

Or on your desk next to your computer so you feel alive, awake, inspired and AMAZING when you start to work every morning…..or at night – or before you do something important for your business that requires confidence. (like reaching out to 10 high profile local professionals with an irresistible offer)

  1. THIS is who i am
  2. THIS is what I do
  3. THIS is what matters most to me

Optional but FUN and Effective:

The Unique “About You” Page (HINT….its’ NOT about YOU 🙂

Describe your ideal audience or clients…and create a unique, innovative and eye opening “About YOU” page that talks about THEM – that details and describes your ideal audience – describe that perfect client in your minds eye – write it down and post it in the navigational element of your blog or website – let your clients SEE it, own it and metaphorically raise their hands, self identify and say – “Hey – that sounds like ME!”

This works wonderfully well when you’ve narrowed down your ideal audience and know exactly what they “look” like.

You can do it like SO:

About YOU

  • THIS is who YOU are
  • This is what moves, motivates, excites and inspires you to do what YOU do

Then, after describing that person a bit – you include another paragraph:

This is how I serve you
This is what we’ll accomplish together
This is why you want me to do it for you
this is what you can expect your world to look like when I do what I do best for YOU

Make it meaningful…& Make all of this stuff matter….because it does!

Lastly –

The 3 steps to start when applying all of this in a HYPER local market – the absolute easiest way to launch an online agency of “1” – and the very BEST place to build an online “brand” business or consulting practice where you live, work or play right now.

Your 3 Step Empowerment Audit:

This is:

1 – My niche, market or industry (these are the professionals I serve)

And THIS is:

2- My offer (this is the ONE specific thing I sell these people)

And THIS is:

3 – My client acquisition strategy (these are the specific steps I’m going to use to get noticed)


Whenever you get lost or off track or start finding a lazy eye spying somethings shiny sexy or slippery that promises the world if you only “click here”…….

Come back to your mantra – your Manifesto – and what gives you meaning.

Stay ferociously focused on these simple principles and 2014 will be your best year ever – I promise.

Ask yourself empowering questions….and authentic answers that honor who you REALLY are – what you REALLY want – and the life you truly WANT to live.

  1. This is who i am
  2. This is what I do
  3. This is who I do it for.
  4. This is what they need.
  5. This is how they change.

And then…..

  • – THIS is my niche.
  • -THIS is my offer.
  • – And THIS is how I’ll get them to pay me to do what I love….above!


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