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I’ve never been a big fan of McDonalds.

Honestly – I’ve probably eaten at Mickey D’s like 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years, and 2 of those were on Thanksgiving day 2010 when, on my way to sunny south florida, I had a tire blowout in the middle of bumfuck North Carolina……& once I explored the limits of how many vending machine peanut butter and cheese crackers one man can ingest in 10 hours, Mickey D’s felt like a major step up.

For the last few weeks, as I’ve been sort of traveling and in transition a bit – I’ve been going to the McDonalds drive through every morning for coffee, adjacent to a cool local park I found not far from the place I rented for the rest of month in yet a new part of florida.

Every morning the same kid is behind the window.

He’s probably about 16 or 17 – and imbued with the sort of optimistic energy and enthusiasm that only afflicts the young.

And every day we have the same exact conversation.

First – he seems super excited to see me and is super duper friendly, which makes me feel good.

Then he gives me a whole bunch of brothers, and alright man’s and throws in a few cools and then reaches out to take my one dollar and 6 cents.

Then, after I’VE PAID – he asks me if I’m “getting it done.”

Now, I’m going to be totally honest with you. The first time he asked me this, I had absolutely no idea how to answer.

I don’t even know what that means.

I’m really not sure if I’m getting it done, or not getting it done.

I also didn’t know if it was like a code word for some sort of special club or like a top secret kind of top achievers group that gets together in the McDonalds parking lot every morning that I probably shouldn’t skip if I was being invited.

Or, as happens when you pass 40 – you just lose touch with what the Kool kids are talking about and are just generally clueless, as I think is the case with me.

  1. The truth is, some days I feel like I’m definitely getting it done.
  2. Other days I just pretty much feel like I’m done.
  3. It’s hard to predict which feeling will prevail. (although the coffee definitely helps)

A few days ago, I decided I needed to decide.

Am I getting it done?

Or am I not getting it done?

I decided to be a doer.

And the first step is being willing to step and say what you are doing.

So this morning, our conversation went something like this:

McDonalds kid:  “Hey….how are you brother…good to see you……alright cool, how goes it, alright………you getting it done?”

Me:  I’m getting it done, are you getting it done?

McDonalds kid: You know I’m getting it done! Always getting it done, right?

ME:  True. True. (mental high five for us done doers)

McDonalds Kid: I KNOW you are getting it done – alright, now you’re talking. That will be 1.06 please.

Me: (hunting wildly for wallet) I think I forgot my wallet.

Wait – I think I’ve got some change in the door.

And …..I see some in the backseat, too.

(stretching and straining 3 muscles in my lower back for 2 quarters I can see on the floor and making eye contact with the impatient woman in the car behind me who was definitely on her way to get it done)

Me:  Got it.  All of it.

McDonalds Kid:   I know you got it man. You got it. 106 on the nose! Alright, alright. Getting it done. Please pull up to the window and I’ll see YOU next time, my brother.

Me: You too.

I then offered up a friendly but awkward hand motion that I was somewhere between a wave and a gang sign.

And low and behold, here I am……getting it done.

The truth is, inspiration is everywhere.

You just need to know where to look.

I do.

What’s your excuse?

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