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Here is a short article I shared earlier today on EZA highlighting a few of the simple strategies I think are BEST for budding blog, brand and BUZZ builders who are launching online agency style offers from home in the next few months.

And while there are lots of evergreen offers out there to make……the truth is, the “sexier” you can make your specialty, the more appealing the idea of working with you becomes, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the 2 services I briefly outline below.

(Crowdfunding Consulting…..and becoming a “product launch” specialist for folks who have inspired ideas but don’t quite know how to implement or inspire others to get involved and see what they see)

While I didn’t go into great detail in the very simple article – the truth is, as should be pretty obvious…..there is a lot of crossover appeal and potential in both of these areas – as someone who may be looking to launch an inspired idea, also needs help raising funds or has the money, but isn’t quite sure how to raise public awareness, or community conciousness about the product or project, etc.

And with very simple viral BUZZ building blog templates…..and kick ass crowdfunding software for roll your own campaigns, you can literally launch this entire business model on a bootstrap budget, advertise locally for FREE or using low cost traffic sources, and be getting client calls or queries within a few days to a week.

For those of you who’d love to implement this sort of marketing model – give me a shout and I’ll give you 15 minutes of free advice via live Campfire chat – and help you quickly create a strategy, structure and sequence for leap frogging the learning curve and getting set up in a jif.

Check out the short article I shared on EZA below for more – or contact me with anything that may be unclear!  Enjoy –



Want to Earn Great Money From Home? The TOP Paying Online Opportunities for 2014

Who else would love to earn great money from home in 2014..doing work that you truly LOVE, while helping other people dance in the direction of their dreams?

Are you sick and tired of jumping from thing to thing, gimmick to gimmick and guru to guru without every really finding one specific strategy that sticks?

If you are anything like the vast majority of people I see in my own business, and the tens of thousands of others who face the same challenges each and every month, the truth is…..while you have TONS of passion for doing entrepreneurial work, you probably have yet to find that one simple strategy that earns you ANY real income at all, right?

I want to give you 4 simple ideas that not only can change that for you in a hurry…..but that can also lead to a fun, viable, valuable and evergreen opportunity to turn your PASSION into perpetual piles of profit, while truly “waking up the world” with your work.

Sound good? Let’s take a quick and easy look at 4 of the BEST paying online opportunities for 2014, and how quickly and easily you can literally launch this style service from home….starting today.

1 – Crowd funding Consulting

I’ve lived in 3 cities in the last 12 months, and each place I’ve been…..I’ve found an avalanche of entrepreneurial interest in the idea of crowd funding, or raising funds for “purposeful” products. Everyone has a dream…..and big crowd funding portals like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have shown us that people LOVE to fund exciting, innovative and inspirational ideas.

Where YOU fit in? Most entrepreneurs have no idea how to go about launching an effective crowdfunding campaign, and today….you can literally use low cost plugins to not only help entrepreneurs “roll their own” kickstarter style campaigns on their OWN blogs and websites, you can also create entire crowd funding communities in your own city, using low cost tools and technologies that cost as little as a few hundred dollars to launch.

2 – Product Launch Consulting

Or, I call this the “build BUZZ for your biz” style service where you take the innovative ideas of others and help them get their marketing message out to the masses. If you’ve spent any time online at all, you already know that most folks have a hard time generating excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration for their ideas…..and a product launch specialist, or someone like YOU who can come in and build buzz for a blog or brand, is an invaluable resource in every local community under the sun.

If you can create good content, and communicate well, and most importantly……love to get excited and inspired about the creativity of others, you can easily turn these qualities into a very fun, very exciting and very enjoyable business that not only pays you a lot of money, but can make you a bit of a “rock star” amongst your professional peers and community of clients as well!

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