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For those of you who have expressed interest in building a fun, easy and incredibly exciting (and lucrative) online agency style offer from home…..and on a bootstrap budget, I have a great new challenge (and opportunity) launching over the next week that I’d love to invite you to take part.

It’s going to be extremely limited…..and open to only existing clients and those who proactively get in touch with me, and i’m still figuring out the specifics of the offer, but if you’ve ever wanted to build, grow or launch a service style online marketing agency offer from a corner table in your kitchen, this is probably going to be a good fit for YOU 🙂

The truth is, especially as we celebrate the holiday season, and inch precariously close to yet another turn on the calendar year, and I’m reminded how blessed I am to be able to do what I love for a living

…...to communicate creatively with other professional people who value contribution as much as cash and a sense of purpose as much as profit, and truly want to do meaningful work in their own communities while earning a great living to boot.

  1. Yes there are challenges.
  2. And yes, it’s not always easy.

But if you truly have a burning desire to be able to get up in the morning and know that you are accountable to yourself first and foremost – and to have the fun and freedom that comes with that – I believe that being a business coach, consultant, or A “buzz” & BRAND builder for passion  professionals is probably the best “job” in the world.

It gives you access to opportunities – especially if you are committed to your local community….that other, even successful online marketing strategies can’t offer.







Real rewarding, enduring relationships that matter.

 And bumping up against passionate people and inspired ideas that challenge you, and make wanting to do the best “work” of your life….each and every day an exercise in enthusiasm, excitement and energy.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this…including a brand new short Kindle book – and a new content marketing campaign as well – the article below was written for EZA this morning – and as I get ready for the busiest “launch” season in my own business in years over the next few months….if these ideas resonate with you, and you’d like to join me for an exciting ride – I think you’ll love some of the creative opportunities to work together that are coming next.

You can read the EZA article below –  or if you’ve with me for a while……stay tuned – or better yet, get in touch and I’ll fill you in 😉

Who else wants the absolutely easiest way to earn great money online…without gimmicks, gadgets or gurus?  

Are you fed up jumping from idea to idea, product to product, without any real progress, or profit to show for it?  

The simple truth is, if you’re still struggling to get ahead……it’s really NOT your fault.

As a matter of fact, in my view…the whole silly system of “confuse and conquer” is designed to overcomplicate the process of building a home based business, so that you believe you’ve got invest in expensive home study courses, seminars and silly sales pitches to succeed.

The good news?

You don’t.

You can quickly, easily and ethically build a profitable, powerful and enjoyable business from the comfort of home, and I’m going to lay out the absolutely easiest path to get started, in a few simple paragraphs below.

The first thing to do?

Change what you’re trying to sell.

Stop focusing on selling things to people who need to be “sold” that they need something they don’t.  The vast majority of affiliate products, or digital downloads have conversion rates of under 5%…and usually, closer to 1 or 2%.


Because most people intuitively  understand that they don’t need a new ebook on weight loss, or a new digital download, or membership or subscription.


Focus on professional people in your LOCAL community who have a burning need for something REAL that will help them improve their brand, their blog, their business and their bank account.

Sell sites and services and you’ll be astonished at how quickly your can turn your passion for marketing….and online entrepreneurialism into a profitable business.

The best way to earn an extra $1000 a week?

Pick a niche.  ( a local professional niche that you want to focus on first)

Then, BUILD something.  Create an online asset that has tangible and empirical value to folks working in that industry, and that your ideal audience can see, hold, touch and taste, covet &  CRAVE before they spend a dime on a promise.

  1.  Use that site to sell services.
  2.  You can give the site away for $300 a month in basic blog and SEO services.  (earning you $3600 for 12 months of upkeep)
  3.  Or you can sell the site for market value and offer back end services as an option.
  4.  Or, you can create a 7 email autoresponder follow up sequence, incorporate a newsletter form on the site and sell a relationship marketing service as well as the site, the blogging service or whatever other combination of creative suite of services you can come up with.

Try a little of this, and experiment with a little of that.

The key is, identifying an audience that doesn’t need to be SOLD something, but who knows they need something to thrive and survive.

A realtor, banker, doctor, designer, car detailer and dentist in your local community ALL have one thing in common.

They are investing money in their “brand” this week, this month, or this year……. or they are losing a lot of business to others who are.

Get your marketing message in front of that audience…and you’ll never struggle to find clients, or generate cash flow again.

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