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Here is a short article I shared on EZA earlier today that sort of re-touches on a very common theme I’m trying to convey these days

…..building your online business on the firm foundation and broad shoulders of intuition and intention – and offering real world services to people who are really willing to pay for them.  (and quite often, really desperately need what you have to offer……and simply need a gentle nudge in the right direction to make a decision that invariably really helps their business succeed)

Of course I’m talking about “agency” style offers that can launched out of thin air, 100% from scratch………on a bootstrap budget and in your local community, and can go, flow and grow into an amazing and life changing business opportunity very quickly as well.

I will be sharing a whole bunch of new PDF’s on structuring this sort of business model the ideal way (at least from my perspective) in the coming weeks – including (for client only) an update on how I’ve taken the idea we covered on this case study and now, as of October – TRIPLED the FREE traffic – 100% from scratch (peaking at almost 5 thousand unique visitors per day for about a week last month ) AND – if you want to develop this model for yourself with a lot of hand holding along the way, I’ll be offering a la carte coaching via live consultations each week via chat for those who need extra ideas – or inspiration – to take these ideas to the next level.

kitchenedit.com - Website Sold on Flippa_ $637 Last 30 Days - 13.6K Uniques - Kitchen Niche AdSense Site - $1 No Reserve!I would also encourage anyone who is interested in this overall model to take a peek at FLIPPA.com and see some of what many sites are selling for – many with very negligible traffic and earnings – and quite often, are even head scratchingly poorly optimized prior to sale as well.

While that’s not necessarily the right approach for hyper local asset sales that you would use to approach local professionals where you live, work or play, it IS  another great way of building broader appeal assets that you can sell in a global marketplace…..often using the very same simple marketing strategies we discuss here all of the time (article marketing, list & relationship building, content, community, conversion, etc) and turning a 10 dollar domain name, some content and your creativity……into a pretty powerful profit, in a mere matter of months.

Trust me – focusing on REAL professional people – in real markets – who have a real NEED for more exposure in their REAL world community –  a hell of a lot easier than trying to sell ebooks, or affiliate products for a living, as I often try to remind myself when i wake up in the morning……after having obscure ideas and lightbulb moments at 3am)

Anyway……the article I shared on EZA is below – keep checking back for more PDF’S as they will be posted both HERE and on Gumroad – and if you’d like to set up a free consultation on growing your OWN online agency from home – use the contact form below!

Enjoy – article below:


How to Turn 8 Dollars into $800 in Under a Week – The Easiest Online Strategy (Ever!)

In this article I’m going to share with you the absolute easiest and most expeditious way to turn a very SMALL investment into a significant cash return, almost every time….no gimmicks, no gadgets and no “gurus” required.

The idea is a very simple one….and one that has been proven, validated and verified by thousands of online entrepreneurs, each and every year. As a matter of fact, as I write this very short article….I can see LIVE examples of this exact process being done for a much better return on investment than what I am describing here.

The best part? It’s simple, it’s flexible and it doesn’t take a whole lot of experience or expertise to try it, test it and tweak it for yourself.

It only requires that you use a little bit of intuition, and set the intention to follow through.

Ready to explore the finer points? Here they are in simple, bite sized steps that you can cut, copy and paste into your own campaigns with elegant ease.

1 – Register a hyper local domain name in your current city, town or local community that has an obvious, and empirical value to an existing profession or industry. For example – your city + real-estate is a good one if it’s available. Or, your city + credit. Or, your town + law would be another.

As much as you may THINK that all of the good local domains are already taken….the truth is, they are not. And, even ones that are taken, when it comes to local markets, can often be purchased inexpensively from the folks who have registered them. (often small time speculators who live in other cites and are sitting on too many domains already)
2 – Once you get the domain name registered, next, you are going to install WordPress.

3 – Now you want to “improve” your asset a bit with as many bells and whistles as you have access to. This means, if you have a premium framework, install it on the blog. If you have access to an email auto responder service, install it on the blog. If you have premium plugins in your arsenal of online assets…..include them on the blog.

Obviously you want to include as much content as you comfortable creating at this point….but don’t go nuts. Why? Because your ultimate audience (your buyer) may want a very different tone, tempo and tenor of content on the blog when they buy it to use for their OWN brick and mortar business…….…especially if it’s a local professional, rather than an online “investor” who flips sites themselves.

The basic premise here is simple, and universal when it comes to improving something that you own.

Very similar to a house or apartment or any brick and mortar asset, the more “upgrades” you can install on the blog that sits on your domain name, the more perceived value you are creating and the more money you can ask for, (and get) for the domain.

4 – Make a list of professionals who have bad websites, a sub prime presence, or online offers that need to be radically re-done. You can do this a million different ways, but the easiest is to simply google the “competition” in your local community.

5 – Contact them! Use the phone, email, their contact forms, even direct mail can be amazingly effective.

6 – Price your site for sale. This is the FUN part. You can either sell it for a flat fee…..or you can build and bake back end services into the offer that make it an opportunity that your ideal audience simply CAN’T refuse.

For example? You can ask for $800 for the site and pretty much get that, in most parts of the world where this is effective. Or, you can ask for $200 for the site……but $200 per month for hosting and basic site optimization, and make $2600 on the same offer, without really doing a heck of a lot more work.

Creativity is key. And it’s the FUN part of this process as well! Learning how to use simple assets as online lead generation tools to build an online marketing “agency” is actually the IDEAL idea for this approach, but even if you simply want to flip sites for fun, profit and an amazingly easy ROI, I CHALLENGE you to try, apply and execute the approach for yourself! And……let me know how it goes! I’m happy to help out if you hit any stumbling blocks along the way!



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