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If you are looking for some great ways to add to your coaching or consulting business portfolio, and are targeting a local marketplace or community, learning how to help local charities or entrepreneurs raise money for causes they care about is an amazing opportunity and a really exciting area to explore.

A few months back I bought the very cool and innovative enterprise version of the ignition deck crowd funding software….and they’ve done nothing but continue to build it out in really crazy cool ways.  (pretty soon not only will you be able to roll your own crowd funding campaigns for your clients – you’ll also be able to build a local community crowd funding PORTAL – where local entrepreneurs (or charities, or whomever you’d like) can use YOUR community to launch their own campaigns.

All very cool – and something I’m looking forward to using myself on two social networking communities I’m involved that are a perfect fit for this approach.

If you are a business coach or consultant who is looking for a great way to excite your current clients – and separate yourself a bit from the pack of other folks doing similar stuff where you live – ignition deck is well worth a close look!

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