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Last week I added a short post about Gumroad…..a very simple “sexy” service for pretty much selling any sort of “stuff” at all online.

You can sell books, comics, digital downloads, pre-orders, after orders, recurring subscriptions, services, audios, articles, videos, physical deliverables and just about anything else you can conceptualize to sell.

(outside of sex and drugs, two things that are much better to buy on Craigslist anyway)

The truth is, the more I play around with Gumroad….the more I love it.

It’s very easy to set up – (literally, you can take a PDF,  upload it to Gumroad, attach your paypal account to your product, describe what it is that you’ve got, make a few simple and super smooth style enhancemnents, and you’ve got a slick looking sales page for your product, or promotion straight away)

Honestly – a few weeks ago I invested in a pretty heavy duty (and expensive) piece of software to help my clients (and myself 🙂 sell more digital downloads in a fun and innovative way, and I’m sorta kinda kicking myself a bit for parting with the cash, because Gumroad will do a lot of the very same stuff, with far less set up time and effort – and 100% for free.

You can create special offer links (e.g. – give a portion of your subscribers a discount….while charging the ones you don’t like full price – PS – I like you) – test multiple price points for conversion, give away FREE stuff to build your list – they collect emails for you as well and allow you to follow up with them thereafter (although I haven’t tested this functionality myself to know the TOS) – and a whole bunch more – it’s really, really cool…and if you’ve been  procrastinating about coming up with something to sell because you don’t “get” the tools and technology no more excuses – gumroad has got your back.

As a quick illustrative example of how dead simple this is – I am working on a “ghost writing” campaign for a psychic/medium client (no pun intended 🙂 and we literally took 10 of his articles – converted them into a PDF – uploaded to gumroad – attached a small price point to them (about 5 bucks) and in 24 hours, just with a super simple link from the beginnings of a blog….have made 2 sales, or a whopping 9 bucks after fees.

(which is almost enough to get some sex or drugs on Craigslist)

Not bad, right?  Party at my place tonight, baby.


Anyway – Gumroad is cool – creative and 100% “guru” free – (no cheesy affiliates pushing it for a commission) I’m fairly easily excited – but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m excited about gumroad. 

More for you than for me though. 

Try it here – the only fees you pay are when you sell stuff – which are the best overhead costs to have.


[zilla_button url=”https://gumroad.com/” style=”purple” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_blank”] Try Gumroad (It’s Free) [/zilla_button]

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