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Lots of new stuff coming in the next few weeks for those of you who are still paying attention.  (Thanks, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe!)

I’ll be posting 7-10 PDF’s over the next month or so either here (on my blog) or on Gumroad – or potentially, in a private members only area where you can check out some unique approaches to buidling an online agency style offer in YOUR local community and really build a fun, easy and rewarding business doing work that you really enjoy….even if you don’t feel like you are an expert, or know “it all” just yet.

The truth is, none of us ever know it all...and none of us always feels like an expert – but the beauty of this sort of business is, and I am perpetually reminded of this each and every time I have a discussion about anything to do with brand or buzz building online……...you ALWAYS know enough to help someone else who doesn’t know what you do.

The good news for me?

In my case, that’s most other people.

I don’t say that with any real measure of conceit – I just really rarely leave the house, and spend a good amount of time reading the old Stompernet forum, so you’d figure after all while all of that wild and crazy wisdom would stick.

Plus everyone is an expert in something, right? 

You are probably really good at Twister, or maybe you’re really good at Backgammon or board games. 

I don’t know you all that well, so trying to figure out your strong suit is a little bit unfair on short notice.

But I’m sure it’s something good.

Plus – if it makes you feel better, I played Twister a few weeks ago and I think I now have a bulging disk in my neck.

Just a shooting pain that happened when Uncle Joe got a little bit too creepy close so I panicked and tried a right foot sweep that ended badly.

So don’t sell yourself short.  And keep up the good work.

Flexibility is under-rated as a virtue.

Anyway – here is a short article I shared on EZA earlier on today as I begin the process of promoting a new coaching service I’m excited to be offering on a bigger and broader scale than I have in the past – along with a small team of talented outsourced help for those of you who need it.

Stay tuned for the deals – and check out the article below – the gist of which I’ve certainly shared before – BUILD SOMETHING, rather than sell something -and it becomes much easier to sell what you really love as well.

Enjoy – the full article is reprinted below.

I’m going to give you the absolute EASIEST strategy for turning your passion into profit…and I’m going to share what I truly believe is the absolute FASTEST way to build a viable, valuable and enduring business marketing model under the sun.

The first rule, before we begin is THIS:

Don’t focus on selling something.

Instead…..BUILD something.

Here is the difference, and the distinction:

  1. Most people “lead” with an intangible offer that is hard to quantify, or hard to demonstrate from a value proposition to an audience that is overwhelmed with options.

For example – if you want to lose weight, there are no less than 10 major players in the online space, who have big buck brand recognition and are familiar names to millions of ordinary people.

Your special weight loss recipe, or coaching, or program may be BETTER than any of the above, but you have to make a super strong case for why….and overcome all sorts of objections, and obstacles and pretty often, you’ll need a pretty penny to get your message out to the masses as well.

The same thing applies to coaching of all types and stripes – and to all digital or downloadable products as well.

It’s hard to stand up and stand out in the similar sea of sameness where everyone swims….EVEN if you are really good at what you do.

Yet….when you BUILD something first, you don’t have to “sell” anything.

The THING sells itself.

And if that thing is website, for example – in a local community where there is stiff competition amongst real professionals who need leads, and who need to broaden their base, and who need HELP getting their site or service in front of the people who need what they offer, your ability to BUILD SOMETHING that these people can’t – gives you power. And incredible leverage. And a financial flexibility that allows you to creatively monetize your marketplace around what you LOVE to do, and ultimately, what you do best.

The 2nd rule?

Diversify what you offer.

For example – in my own business, I often have to offer what I do LEAST well, to get people interested in what I do best. For example – a lot of people come to me with technical challenges related to coding their website, or working with certain antiquated CMS systems that I don’t really know all that well….. or even complex store based software issues that I really don’t understand.

And yet…….I can always find someone who does, EVEN if I have to pay those people out of my own pocket to offer advice that I’m giving away for free.

The benefit?

If I can get that person into the marketing mindset, once their “technical” challenges are handled, I know I can give them specific strategies for amping UP their income, and radically reinventing the sort of content (and conversions) they are creating on their existing community.

The same should be true for you:

Pick 2 or 3 things that you are really, really good at……and focus on SELLING those.

But cast a wide net, and try to get as many clients as you can with diversified offerings that are all sort of the same kettle of fish so to speak – email marketing, lead generation, content marketing, blog building, social media strategy, SEO, article marketing, local brand or buzz building, ….it matters not.

There are all part of the same umbrella of offerings, and anything you really DO do well…can be accentuated, enhanced and improved, simply by having a wider audience of potential clients to pick from. (you can always find people and partners in your niche who do what you DON’T really well, and both benefit too)

Remember – when you look at your online business, the fastest way to fall or fail is to chase sales, or to desperately or manically checking your affiliate stats to survive. (believe me, I’ve been there more than once) The key is, to LEAN back…take a big picture perspective, find what it is that you love, and focus on building assets – a portfolio of properties – or a suite of services that sells itself.

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