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Here is a very simple article I shared earlier today on EZA about creating hyper local asset style sites for rent, sale or even to sell back end services behind.  (e.g. – creating an online agency style offer and having a series of community portal style properties to show off your expertise where you live, work and play)

In 2013, I still believe that the local business coaching and consulting marketplace is the most exciting EVERGREEN opportunity in the world……and it makes earning great money, very quickly, pretty damn easy if you have a service to sell.  (be it content creating, strategy, design, SEO, social media, etc)

I am really focusing a lot of time, effort and income in this area of my own business these days as well – as I find it’s SO much easier to build real relationships with professional people who have existing brands, budgets and busiensses set up, then trying to sell services to online “entrepreneurs” around the world who are just starting out, or are working full time jobs and doing this sort of stuff online, or unfortunately, as is most common…..to the evergreen audience who jumps from guru to guru, reading, studying, overanalyzing and over thinking everything….perpetually playing it safe, without ever getting into the proverbial ring and taking a stab at success.

If you enjoy the idea of setting up a local marketing agency – or appreciate the idea of working with people where you live and need a little bit of a nudge, or push or maybe an inspired idea or two to get you going, I’ll be doing some private campfire chats (live messaging) with those of you who want to dive in and do it.  Shoot me an email HERE to get in.

Article written for EZA is below – lots more of these to come as well 🙂

Think you need a Harvard education to make great money online?  Think you need to invest hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in gimmicks, gadgets and gurus to create high value assets that OTHER people will envy?

Or maybe you think that the people who are REALLY earning great money are always going to be “those other guys” and never YOU?  The truth is, if you want to change your life, and your income, and your opportunity to do something great, there is no better day than today.

The simple Q and A below will help you on your way.   

Q:  Is $1000 a day flipping websites even possible?

A:  Absolutely.  Selling a website for $1000 is NOT all that difficult if you know the right markets to target, and the truth is, identifying the right markets and niches requires nothing other than a little bit of common sense.  No expensive keyword tools, or extensive research is required.

Q:  What ARE the right markets and niches?

A:  The ones CLOSEST to you.  Think local before you think anything else.  The truth is, it’s much more difficult to sell even a really good domain name, with a reasonably active community, and with good content to a “general” buyer, than it is to sell a HYPER local domain name with a small amount of content, to a local entrepreneur in THAT (or your) specific marketplace.

Q:  Does flipping domains mean we are merely re-selling the domain name, or are we actually “improving” the domains with content and articles and other engagement ideas?

A:  It really depends on YOU, and your personal preferences when it comes to flipping properties.  It’s much easier to ask for more money selling a site that has 10 articles, a little bit of curated content, a premium WordPress framework and newsletter sign up form, than just the bare bones domain name itself.

It’s also very easy  to set up.  You should be able to fully “populate” a site, including building some very simple back links, creating AND curating content and literally making a site look world class aesthetically with a framework, in about 4 hours.

Flipping domain NAMES is less work obviously, but it’s also harder to inspire buyers to want to pay a premium price for your property, if all they’re getting is the domain itself.

Q:  What are the best local niches to target for maximum profit…and in minimum time?

A:  Any niche that has a high lead value is optimal.  Real estate, for example.  Finance.  Credit.  Cosmetic medicine.  These folks are already paying $10-$50 PLUS for a lead in your local area….and simply by creating an online asset that has empirical value to someone already in that niche, you are going to find selling sites to these professionals FAR easier than you realize.

As a quick point of reference, my first sale online of note was years ago……..and was to a cosmetic dentist across the country from where I lived.  I simply registered the domain in HIS community, built a simple WordPress blog, and advertised it on Craigslist with a new ad each morning.  After 4 or 5 days I got a number of responses….and literally got my FULL price (4 figures)  “plus” an extra thousand dollars in personalized updates as well!

When you start looking at yourself as an asset creator, and you feel pride in what you are creating…finding smart people in the markets you target, who recognize that value, and are willing to pay you what you’re worth, is FAR easier than you probably imagine!

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