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Tumblr is definitely one of my favorite ways to quickly, easily and efficiently curate content in a new niche….as well as quickly connect with a community of other people who share an interest in similar stuff.

It’s also MUCH, much easier to build a following on Tumblr than it is on a normal blog – simply due to the way that the whole platform is set up – e.g. – sharing is not only recommended and encouraged…..it’s actually the firm foundation on which the whole tumblr ecosystem is set up.  (I like using phrases like eco system when talking about blog building – it just sounds so much smarter than “your dashboard”)

One of the really super duper simple tricks for having your tumblr blog rank higher (or even HIGH) in the search engines?

Use a custom domain. 

In other words, rather than having your brand or business tumblr being abc.tumblr.com…..you can very easily “point” your domain to tumblr and enable the custom domain feature to have your tumblr blog actually LOOK (and feel) like a real business blog – or website – or community – or whatetever it is that you want to put out to the public.

(it becomes abc.com – rather than abc.tumblr.com)

In my experience – and based purely on anecdotal evidence in the “wild” – the bump you’ll get in the natural search results using a custom domain name is really quite amazing…..and if you don’t already have a domain name of your own to use, investing 10 dollars in getting one is something I’ll bet Warren Buffett would recommend if he was on Tumblr.  (which he’s not – I checked)

Here is a really super simple screenshot that will take you through the process of pointing your Godaddy registered domain to Tumblr in about 14.5 seconds.  (I did it this morning for one of my own niche domains – and it was “live” within about 60 seconds)

There are actually a few really good Tumblr oriented communities that are making some pretty big news these days – easy ideas that have been parlayed into powerful (and profitable) blogs, brands, BOOKS and I would guess….real businesses as well.

I’ll be sharing some of the ones I’ve been following a bit later on as well 🙂

Screenshot below from Godaddy – quick, easy and well worthwhile.

tumblr custom domains




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