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Here is a short article I shared on EZA a few minutes ago about a very simple, very easy and quite “elegant” strategy for using free websites as the ultimate lead generation strategy.

The truth is, everyone loves free stuff.  For example – I just stole a box of pop tarts accidentally from the Winn Dixie in Boynton Beach, and had no idea I put them into the wrong bag, and didn’t pay for them….until I got out to my car.

Think that blueberry frosting didn’t taste a wee bit better because they were on the house?

Think again.

Because free pop tarts always tastes better.

Free candy corn is pretty good too, which is why I’ll be dressing up as a giant snow cone and trick or treating in about an hour as well.

The idea here is very simple….and is truly a great way to establish a lot of good will as you launch a brand new business of any kind from scratch – but in this case, you are literally giving something away that has tangible value, and if you set it up right…..(using a nice business template and a popular wordpress framework like Genesis or Thesis or something that has a hard value they can actually see in the wild) you are NOT going to struggle for clients.  (as a matter of fact……you’ll be surprised at how much leverage you can create for yourself, before you even make contact)

The full article is below – I’ll also be posting a PDF later tonight with 7 types of “agency” style offers you can launch on a bootstrap budget.…AND if you want to set up a live chat session with me anything later this week or next, please feel free to use the little contact thingy on the bottom….where you’ll see me deep in thought pretending to read a book.

Article is reprinted below 🙂

Who else is flipping websites for a living? Are you struggling to find clients, customers and online entrepreneurs to buy your properties? Maybe you work exclusively in a single niche…and find that once the well dries up, it’s hard to generate new buyers? Or maybe you are simply just getting started…and aren’t sure which approach to follow? If any of these questions sound familiar, the truth is…..you are NOT alone! While the idea of flipping sites may sound sexy as a profitable online marketing strategy for many, and while it DOES have a much higher success rate than other online marketing gimmicks, there are still some super easy angles you can employ to amp UP your business, and make it happen in a hurry.

Here is a really EASY one that I personally really like, and that has done really well for myself, and several recent clients.

Don’t SELL your sites…..give them away for FREE.

Here is the rub.

You register a hyper local domain in a high value niche in your own community. Niches like realty are great for this, finance and lending, cosmetic medicine, and so forth.

You put a nice premium framework on it, install an opt in form, curate a little bit of local content, maybe build a few incoming links, etc.

Essentially, you “prep” the site for sale to an existing high dollar professional who would really benefit from having a “your town” + niche name to add to their portfolio of properties, or….even as their very first site. (it amazes me how many professionals still don’t have a real website in 2013)

Write down a list of 10-20 people who have a name in the community, and email them, call them, use their contact forms, or any combination of the above to introduce yourself.

Then – you tell them you were building the site for another purpose or professional, but….the deal fell through for whatever reason, and because you aren’t in that niche yourself, the site has no real value to you at all.

So, you tell them you’d like to gift the site to someone for free.

In return, all you want in a nominal amount for monthly SEO, or content marketing, or blog posting, or whatever it is that you can do quickly and easily that will pay you a nice guaranteed monthly income, and that adds empirical value to your client as well.

The client gets a free website, with a professional framework, and all of the bells and whistles you care to install on it. They WILL be happy, I promise.

You get anywhere from $200 to $400 (or more) per month to continue to add value to your clients website….translating into a $2400-$4800 transaction for something that really only took you a half a day to create, and that’s only if you are slow and watch a lot of Maury Povitch re-runs like me.

Do 10 of these a year – and you could quickly have a 50K a year business……PLUS more referrals than you can count, and a whole avalanche of opportunities to explore, expand and grow your business in the direction of your dreams.

All of this, of course….you can start for about 10 bucks or less. (the cost of a good local domain name!)

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