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What is the real key to enduring personal happiness?

  1. More money?
  2. The respect and admiration of your friends and peers?
  3. Freedom from stress or responsibility?

Of course all of those things are great…..and many others like them, but according to Mihaly, the real key to happiness is flow.  That effortless sense of being in the world in such a way as you feel aligned with your work, your ethos, your energy and your enthusiasm all cohesively coming together in a way that makes you feel in flow.

There has been a lot written about this effusive…..oft elusive state – and when I was trying to come up with a title for my recent book (called FLOW if you are here for the first time 🙂 I was REALLY planning on calling it “Free on the Inside”, after the first or second essay that I decided early on to include.

At the last minute – for whatever reason – I decided that “free on the inside” didn’t really work 100% for me.


Because I’m not sure that’s a state that persists for any of us…and it felt a little bit disengenous to title the book after a fleeting feeling that isn’t with me everyday.

  • But FLOW is.  (even if just for a little while)
  • Every single day I feel FLOW.
  • Sometimes that feeling sticks with me for hours…..and others, I hold it only for a few frozen moments.
  • But it’s a feeling borne of the bliss of knowing what is right in the world at that very moment, and knowing that you are moving with it – swept up in it’s effortless energy and enthusiasm and everything just is.

This is a great TED talk on this idea – spoken by a man who has a lot more wisdom, and life experience than I – and a great reminder that the stuff you can’t change won’t blow your flow – but the stuff you can – well, that’s what will derail you in a hurry.

Enjoy – and if you haven’t already – you can still pick up FLOW on Amazon for under a buck right HERE!  






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