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Who else thinks you can’t make pretty good money in your PJ’s blogging from home?

The truth is, there are tons and tons of great ways to earn easy money using nothing but your keyboard, your creativity, and a willingness to come up with consistent content that attracts an audience.  (either for you……or for others)

I’m going to go out on a little bit of limb here and say I don’t neccessarily *love* this approach from an economy of effort standpoint –  simply because it seems so time consuming and so labor/idea intensive as well.

FlowBut – here is a pretty detailed post that covers how to earn 5K per month (and I’m sure it’s MORE by now if she’s still doing it – as this post dates back a bit) doing guest blogging for other communities who need content.

(guest blogging or even “ghost” blogging (less buzz for YOUR brand – but higher dollars for writing on the QT) are both really effective ways for getting paid for your prose – or enhancing your influence, or appearance of authority around the web)

And while I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather see people invest that same time (as she’s writing a TON of posts) in a traditional article marketing campaign (using offsite directories) to build your OWN list and simply SELL something (even an affiliate product) – or using the local agency “business profile” blueprint we covered a few months ago and some of my local online agency clients are working on now (which can pay you $150-$250 on the low end for high value markets) there ARE a ton of great ideas on this blog for writers, and using a wide variety of different social media platforms to network, grow your audience, and build your brand, blog and business in the process.

(some good aggressive Linkedin ideas for building buzz for books too – something I’d be interested to try for my next book which should be live on Amazon in a few days – IF I could figure out how to login to LinkedIn, as they seem not to want to let me in after 4 years of ignoring their emails.  My guess is they’re playing hard to get and will let me login in the morning.  😉

Check out the post below on how to parlay your ideas into income – and your content into connections – and a community of people who will PAY you for your words.

(and some other really good, simple ways to increase your income as a writer – i’m impressed!)

Here’s a breakdown of my blogging activity for a typical recent month. Without breaking any confidences by telling you what any specific client pays, here is the amount of blogging I do for paid clients in a month: * 12 posts a month for Entrepreneur under my byline * 22 or so posts a month for BNET under my byline * 4 posts a month for a small-business-finance client, half-ghosted, half my byline * 4 existing blog posts rewritten for the same client, to conform to good blogging style, add images, links, etc. * 4 posts a month for another small-business-finance client – ghosted for business owner * 12 posts a month for a collaboration-software startup, mostly ghosted for their team.Total blog posts: 58Total pay: $5,100Gawd, I’m tired just looking at that blog total! No idea how I do it. This figure, of course, doesn’t count the posts about writing I create for this blog…so you can add another 8-10 posts a month there. To sum up, I’m a blogging fool these days!

How I Make $5,000 A Month Blogging


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