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Are you an author or blogger about to embark on your first “official” interview?  Looking to promote your book and looking for a great way to enhance or extend your appearance of influence around the web?
I’m doing a few “interviews”  (read:  conversations with friends who blog) about my most recent book FLOW this week….and was trying to find a good list of do’s and dont’s so I don’t embarrass myself by talking about the Breaking Bad finale for 45 minutes like the last one I did – and then wonder why no one bought my book thereafter.

Here is a good blog for authors who are looking for good book promotion tips – including, for my purposes……a short list of thigns NOT to do when doing an author interview.

(I especially appreciated for the no “bloviating” tip – as that’s typically my gameplan going in – when all else fails – just bloviate until you you are the only one left on the line – and then nap)

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below. 🙂

3. Avoid one word answers — even if it’s a yes or no question. The point of the interview is for you to tell your story. So tell it!If the interviewer asks you Were you nervous to put out your 2nd novel?, don’t just say yep. Give them the grit and drama, the struggle to overcome, the breakthroughs and brilliance!4. Don’t be long-winded. On the other hand, you want the interview to seem like a conversation. Don’t bloviate — and don’t make the interviewer have to constantly interrupt you. Give them a chance to respond or ask another question.It’s even ok to discuss this beforehand with the interviewer. Ask them how many questions they’d like to ask. Divide that by the total time for the interview, and then you’ll even have an average timeframe to shoot for with each answer.5. Bring it back around to you.Sometimes interviewers can get off-topic. Who knows why!If they do get off topic, roll with it for a bit. Be good humored about it. But if they go too long without asking you a question that you feel is relevant to your writing life or career, find a way to guide the discussion back on course. After all, you only have so many minutes to get the word out, so you wanna use every one of those minutes wisely.

5 Great Author Interview Practices

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