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Looking to launch your very own crowdfunding campaign but CAN’T afford the conventional “fundraising” platform fees?

One of the best options for self starters in the ever evolving crowdfunding universe are the cacaphony of creative tools and technologies that are now giving ordinary entrepreneurs like you and I the opportunity to do super duper cool things on our own.  (without needing a phd in php or being able to speak code any better than I can when I’m buying weed on the phone)

I recently wrote a bit about Virtuous Giant’s very cool Ignition Deck (ID) plugin for WordPress – ideal for “roll your own” Kickstarter campaigns – as well as a bit more about Astoundify and their own CF plugin – along with their whole host of really nice looking themes for both single campaigns -and full on crowdfunding communities as well.  (NOTE:  I’ve purchased BOTH Ignition Deck the plugin – and Fundify – the crowdfunding community theme that runs the CF plugin – and both are very cool – but I’m a bit partial to ID, simply because they have many, many millions of dollars in successful campaigns under their belt in the wild (including Robertspace Industries which has raised close to 19 million dollars using the plugin)  -plus I’ve spoken to Nathan, one of the 2 principles, on multiple occassions by email – and he strikes me as a smart, confident and competent guy with a firm grip and grasp on where the industry is moving in the months and years to come.

(I’m actually part of a project where we’re buidling our own user generated crowdfunding campaigns – and we’re waiting on ID to launch that piece of their puzzle as well in the coming months)

All that being said – there were  ALOT of other options for self started crowdfunding campaigns that I was blissfully unaware of – including a few platform style offerings that look very cool – and very appealing – both for entreprneurs who want to launch their own communities – and for solopreneurs who want to launch their own campaigns.

Check out a great guide below for DIY crowdfunding tools – and some of the super cool options (especially at the end of the article) that may be a really IDEAL way to get started, without any of the headaches that even some of the better tools available now, invariably offer up.

Definitely an article well worth checking out….and something I’ll be coming back to re-read a few times in the next few days as well.  Enjoy!

As the first WP plug-in for crowdfunding, IgnitionDeck has the longest track record. Its poster child is the beautifully-rendered multiplayer space simulation game Star Citizen, which has raised more money than any other crowdfunding campaign, $17 million and rising as of this writing. The Star Citizen campaign started with simultaneous raises through both Kickstarter and an IgnitionDeck site. The game project’s Kickstarter campaign raised $2.1 million while it was running, against the IgnitionDeck’s commission-free $4.1 million, and since then, the IgnitionDeck site has collected over $10 million more. IgnitionDeck has also powered successful campaigns for the band A House for Lions, the UFO documentary “Sirius,” and The Public Domain Review.

Your Guide to DIY Crowdfunding Tools (to Avoid Kickstarter Fees) | Mediashift | PBS

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