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Here is a pretty good list of 15 things you can incorporate into your next book launch.  (at the link following my thoughts below)

And while I DO like this article and many like it……as book publishing becomes more and more part of my own business model (both in my own books, obviously…as well as learning the best ways to enhance and increase the exposure of my clients and subscribers) I find a lot of the book launch tips a bit counter intuitive to my own experience.

For example?

  1. I’m not so sure hiring a good “editor” is all that important to selling a fuck ton of books.
  2. (and think the marketplace bears this out pretty well – I know a lot of struggling, suffering authors and artists who have hired world class (and expensive) editors to edit their books – and are selling close to ZERO books….and I know people making strong 6 figure incomes on Amazon who are churning out copious amounts of content on a regular basis that ain’t gonna make Shakespeare – or Orson Wells, roll over in their respective graves.
  3. (I found it a bit comical that James Altucher – a big whale now in the self publishing space commented how important a well known editor was for quality control per his most recent big best seller compared against the books he wrote that led up to it – and yet…….while his writing is always entertaining – I noticed no discernable difference in the editorial quality of any of his books – and most of the critical comments on Amazon are that the book needs better editing as well 🙂
  4. I self edit my own books – which means, basically – at the end of the day – I’ll drink a few bottles of wine and try to use spell check properly until my eyes get all fuzzy and I’m no longer legally competent to be at the helm of anything important, let alone a book that is doubtlessly going to influence a whole new generation of intrepid entrepreneurs.
  5. A good cover DOES make a big difference though – as evidenced by the big bump I got in sales when I upgraded my first book (The Content Marketing one) from a cheesy cover to a slightly less cheesy cover and got a big subsequent increase in sales, especially in the few places I was paying to promote it – e.g. Authors Marketing Club sidebar ads and similar spots.
  6. A good cover doesn’t have to be expensive though – you can get a quality cover done for $50 or less – and I guess depending a bit on the niche – in the entrepreneurial markets – simple, straightforward and “above the fold” conversion covers seem to work best from the 10 or 12 launches I’ve looked at from the inside out.
  7. I DO love the idea of including the first chapter of your NEXT book, after the last chapter of the one they are currently reading…… especially  if you are writing a series – as that can’t do anything but amp UP anticpation for what you have coming next.   (although I’ve seen a lot of readers complain about authors who do this as well – as it seems to be “content stuffing” the book they bought, even though most authors are certainly not at a loss for words)
  8. I can personally attest to the adding a mailing list link within a book being a GREAT way to drive new traffic – and amp up opt in’s as well – especially if you do this on a proverbially free book….something I will probably do with FLOW -as most of it’s content that has been published before, and been freely available anyway.  (when I included a free newsletter link in PASSION – during the free KDP promotion days – I was getting more visits to my special opt in page via Amazon – than I was from all other traffic sources combined.  The same approach used for “How to Write Articles That Convert Like Crazy” generated only a handfull of visitors overall.

The difference? 

Who knows.

Maybe the Summer solistice.

I could feel my Mars was way out of whack for months, which always means conversions are going to be low.  (it also means I should avoid string cheese for a while too – but that’s a different blog post)

For some good blog launch tips check out the excellent resource below – and even though I’m not 100% sure I agree with them all – well worth checking out for sure.

6. Put a preview for your next story in the back of your book. Hook your reader!7. Add a mailing list sign up link in your book, links to other books you have available, as well as website and social media contact info so readers can stay connected–don’t lose them between books.8. Hire a great cover artist. A cover is the first impression a reader makes with your book. It tells them about the quality of your book, the kind of book it is, and even how current it is. A cover can make or break your book. I would say this can be even more important than an editor because they have to pick up the book before they can even read the first page. (Not saying an editor isn’t important–they are VITAL!)9. Spend money where it counts. A good editor and a good cover. This is your best advertising money expenditure. Good products sell themselves. (To an extent.) Don’t worry about a glitzy book trailer and high-end swag if you haven’t shelled out for a decent editor. First things first.

15 Things I Learned Launching My Book | The Helpful Writer


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