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What excites you? What makes you come alive?

Here is a really great and inspiring idea about one man (Theon Humphrey) and one dog (Maddie) pursuing a passion for peculiar poses, people, pets, rescue education and the connection, community and photography that emanates from all of that and just doing what you love for a living because it’s really who you are at heart.

Theon (and Maddie) earned a very prestigious nod from Time Magazine today as one of the top 25 most compelling blogs for 2013 and as someone who has watched “This Wild Idea” grow from a small and very offbeat little idea and blog to a full fledged social media movement…..I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous of all Theon has been able to accomplish while really truly doing work he appears to be born to do.

(Maddie too)

Seeing people of passion get up one day and simply decide to live life on their own terms – without the certitude of success – without promises or guarantees, without big book deals or warm blankets of assurances – simply stepping out a bit into the wild and rocky edge of insecurity and diving in and doing it inspires me.

What about you?

Check out Maddie on Things here, and the super cool write up they got in Time Magazine online as well.


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