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What is the best way to grow your online business or to start again from scratch…..if you KNOW that you want to work from home, or to work online…..but aren’t 100% sure what approach is best?

The truth is, while I love so many different niches, and markets and marketing strategies and could really (and have!) make a case for any of them at different points in time, the very BEST evegreen opportunity is creating an online “agency” style offer that allows you to DO what you love for a living….without having to take all of the risk.

As cheesy as it sounds – it’s easier to help other people do great things, than it often is to stay focused long term on doing those same things yourself.

For example –

  1. I get more personal pleasure helping coaches BECOME coaches, than I do being a coach myself.
  2. I’d much rather work on someone elses content marketing campaign these days…..rather than create a new one of my own.
  3. And with so many creative and fun and interesting and new and exciting ways to implement cutting edge tools and technologies to literally radically reinvent inspired ideas…..if you are adventurous, there is literally no limit to the kind of offers you can help your clients implement to grow their own businesses and to serve them in unique and innovative ways as well.

A few weeks ago I was writing a bit about Crowdfunding Consulting….and how that’s defintely one of the most exciting opportunities for local marketing consultants, simply because it transcends,  yet includes so many other strategies.  (e.g. – you’ve got to know a little bit of this, and a little bit of that…..but ultimately,  it’s about helping people of PASSION dance in the direction of their dreams and help them implement and execute their own inspired ideas)

I bought (and use) the Ignition Deck crowdfunding software for “roll your own” Kickstarter Campaigns….and was peeking this morning in on the forum on some of the ways others are building buzz for their brands and product launches using Crowdfunding….and it’s such a super cool and interesting time to peek in and watch people of PURPOSE really doing amazing things with inexpensive technology that literally creates a community out of thin air.

Check out this launch here that went live today and uses IGNITIONDECK – or this one here that doesn’t.  (but still very cool)

If you truly crave making a contribution in your local community…and have a love for marketing – and have struggled to put the pieces together in your own business to sell affilaite products – or adsense ads – or ebooks – or whatever the strategy du jour may be – I really recommend thinking about parlaying that passion into a profitable business helping folks where you live do the things you already intuitively KNOW better than they – offer real value – and get paid for it while not assuming all of the risk.

There are probably 10 or 12 GREAT angles that even most “newbies” can implement……..and know MORE than some high earning professional people where you live right now – and who ARE goign to be paying someone who knows less than you to do them.

Want some ideas?  Shoot me an email and we can set up a Campfire Chat session and I’ll share some approaches that I’m currently using – that my clients are using – and that work pretty much 100% of the time as well.  (including a very simple strategy I used just this last month to increase my traffic on a brand new project by over 1000% – literally from scratch – while buidling some great good will in the industry we’re working in as well)

Or – check out some additional thoughts on this approach via an article I submitted to EZA a few minutes ago 🙂

At any given time… there may be “room” for 10 online marketing “rockstars” in any given niche or industry.

For example – life coaching. Or marketing gurus. Or even niche markets like teaching real estate, MLM, Amazon publishing, etc.?

But… in the local marketplaces, where most average people are oblivious to the whole online marketing scene and sideshow, people hire the best marketers, with the best references, and the best referrals first and foremost. (and don’t need to be convinced by long sales letters, hyperbolic copy and testimonials from other big names in the industry who just trade tag lines and unethically promote each others stuff in return)For example?I know a woman who went from selling medical equipment to cosmetic dentists, to teaching those dentists how to set up email auto responder and do lead generation on their own.

She charges over $300 per hour… works almost 100% on referral, and each cosmetic dentist pays her about $2000 to start.(and because the niche is SO incredibly valuable, all her clients need is one new client per year to justify paying her price… which they typically do in a month or two at most)The same applies to real estate, lending, finance, in season construction, and far too many other niches to count.

The truth is, I don’t care WHAT you DON’T do well… or what you DON’T know enough of right now, you DO know more than someone who truly needs your help, and would be willing to pay you to help them get up and running, or to expand their own influence, or to help them build buzz for their brand, their blog or their business, starting right now.

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