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Here is a short article that I wrote for EZA this morning to promote my next book and related projects and consulting offer that I truly believe is the best path forward for anyone who is stoked about building an online business….but doesn’t’ want to do it selling affiliate products, or building adsense oriented income, or even creating their own coaching curriculums in a conventional sense.  (e.g. – list building, doing digital downloads, webinars, and all of the other heavy lifting that is associated with selling yourself to the masses)

If you truly want to find the fast track to success…….it’s definitely has a local landscape.  


People trust people who live, work and play in the same communities that they do….and once you get a few clients, the dominoes start to fall in YOUR direction fast.

(especially if you are actively acquiring referrals as part and parcel of the process by which you incentivize existing clients)

The best part is – there are so many COOL and creative ways to become a business coach or consultant that aren’t “business-y” at all….so you can be yourself – have fun – and do what you really LOVE to do – rather than have to conform to some buttoned up (or down) stereotype of what a consultant does.

As many of you already know – especially those of you who’ve worked with me recently, the BUILD something model – creating something of value that proactively positions you as an expert or authority is probably my favorite way to build up my own business when I’m targeting local clients….as it makes the selling part of the puzzle a lot easier.  (e.g. – if you have something that someone else KNOWS they need already built – and you simply say – “hey – here is X in YOUR niche here in OUR community – and it’s already getting Y number of visitors a day that are interested in buying what YOU sell – and I’m not in your market of course, so I’m looking for someone who is, and is willing to pay Z for it”)

You can do this with directory sites that are hyper niche focused – you can do it with general local directories, regular blogs, curated content that has a local flavor, full fledged community sites and news portals for a local landscape (e.g. – using Buddypress to emulate a social network that is geared to your city, town or geographical area, etc) and so forth and so on.

Anyway – here is the article that I submitted earlier today that covers this a bit – feel free to contact me if you want to learn how to apply these principles in your own business….especially the CROWDFUNDING consulting model – something that is a ton of fun – a great way to help other people pursue their passion – and a very lucrative idea as well!

Enjoy.  (article re-printed below..:-)

There is probably NO better business opportunity in the world for self starters who have a passion for people than coaching, consulting, teaching and training people in an area that you have experience and expertise.

If there is ONE thing I have learned myself over the last decade of working online, it’s this:

The real secret to success is creating value.  Building things that have empirical value to others who either don’t have the skills that you have, or don’t have the time to learn or implement what you’ve already built.

For example?  The first $1000 I EVER earned online was creating a simple website in a very competitive LOCAL marketplace in a very valuable niche for those who were already in it.  (a cosmetic dentistry blog for caps, veneers and tooth whitening in Beverly Hills locale)

I built something that had real value to someone ELSE, that literally had NO value to me, and with about 8 hours worth of work, had my first $1000 dollar day.

(it was actually 2K – but the dentist in question agreed to pay $1K upfront, and the rest over time)

So the FIRST idea is to simply build something where YOU live….that has real value to people in a highly valuable niche, market or industry, and then find someone to buy what you’ve built!

I want to give you a few ideas that work wonderfully well in 2013, and that sort of emulate the exact same approach as above, but in fun, lucrative and EXCITING niches as well.

2 – Become a product or service LAUNCH coach in your LOCAL community.

Everyone has a business that they really want to start….and when it comes to PASSION professional, e.g. – heart centered coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, artists, authors, mentors and marketers who are service minded, this is the very BEST business in the world as it’s always EVERGREEN.  (there will never stop being people who have inspired ideas but who need a gentle nudge in the direction of their dreams, which can come from YOU!)

3 – Become a CROWD FUNDING Consultant

I love this idea, and it’s something I’m focusing a lot on in my existing business…both as a developer of ideas, as well as from the consultation angle.  There are literally amazing plugins for WordPress and inexpensive technologies that will allow you to emulate a Kick starter style site, either in your own niche, or helping other people develop their OWN self starter crowd funding campaigns.  (that can be run on their blogs, websites and so forth to target an existing audience_

 Every business needs cash flow….and the crowd funding model is in it’s infancy as well. 

It’s creative, challenging and a very cool way to make a living helping OTHER people dance in the direction of their dreams…..all you need to do is help them create killer content and an inspiring message that inspires other people to get on board!


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