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Ever hear that old cliche about dancing like no one is watching?

It turns out not to be true.

People are watching.

But that’s okay.

Because deep down…..everyone else really wants to be dancing too.

So don’t worry if you look like the goofy,  herky jerky white guy dancing alone at the sasquatch festival.

Because when you do you…….and you do it up – you won’t be alone for long.

I tried this exact move at my 3rd cousins Bar Mitzvah a few years ago.

In my case, I was asked to sit down – but that’s only because I had been drinking since noon and everyone else was eating dinner. Plus I was crying a little bit too, which tends to make people uncomfortable.

So keep in mind – context is important.

But do your dance anyway.

Companies and people choose to compete or create. You can’t do both. Anyone can compete. You might not win, but you can compete. You just have to see what your competitor is doing and try to do it better or cheaper. People who win American Idol are competing, not creating. The future depends on creating (and the best AI stars go on to create their own songs). “Creativity is hard. It takes courage. Getting people to see your creativity and go along with it takes a long time. For companies or societies it can take a generation,” he says.On a screen behind him is one crazy, topless man dancing really badly on a lawn in a crowded public park. Then one man joins him. Then another man. Then a couple. Then it reaches the tipping point and the people sitting down are now the odd ones out.The future will be written by the “possibilists”, says Lindkvist. “The future is created and helped along by those who find the silly dancer.”

Five Ways To ‘See’ The Future – Forbes

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