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What kind of social media user are you?

How do you use Facebook in particular?

  1. Do you silently stalk?
  2. Or do you share too (WAY) too much?

I’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a person about how they act on Facebook.

For example, I am probably a stalker.

And my impulse is to be an over-sharer, yet…..somehow I manage to reconcile that urge with the underlying notion that I know no one really cares. So I don’t.

Even though I want to because the stuff I’m doing is really that important.

I’m also a pretty big judger, and a passive aggressive inboxer, too….a few Facebook types not mentioned in the infographic below. (but probably should have been if we’re all being honest with each other)

For example?

I like to look at old friends profiles that I haven’t seen in a few years, and write little inbox notes like – “WTF happened to all of your hair? Or – tell me that’s NOT your wife. Or, don’t worry, 2 of your 3 kids look like they’re going to go far.”

I always end the message with a “LOL” – this way, no one gets their feelings hurt and we can all stay friends.

Afterwards, I tend to giggle for a few minutes, have another drink and usually nap for an hour.

What about YOU? Do you see yourself in any of the 9 Facebook types below? If yes, please like this post. I get very few likes anymore and it’s starting to hurt my feelings.


The 9 Types of Facebook User

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