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What is the best way to launch a brand new content marketing campaign?  Where can I find some really great examples of content marketing done WELL?

The truth is, all the hype aside, it’s very difficult to find good content marketing examples….from the actual people who are teaching and preaching content marketing themselves.

A few days ago I posted a link to a restaurant in Pittsburg, PA called the “ConflictKitchen” who has mastered the art and science of creating compelling, controversial and quite simply ENGAGING, interesting and INSPIRING content…..without even really trying.


Because their goal was never to create content that converts.  Instead, they are simply sharing something so important – so integral – and so elemental to their OWN ethos and world view, that their passion and sense of purpose bleeds through from the very first sentence you see….even if you don’t agree with their politics or sense of purpose.  (which appears to be – to educate and inform their guests about the culture and cuisine of the countries whose food they feature, which ALSO happens to be countries and cultures who the United States is in conflict with – a idea that I think is brilliant, and an inspiring approach to building bridges across cultural discord, and divides)

With that in mind, here a few more good examples of content marketing done right – with an eye on informing, inspiring, educating and inspiring, and of course, getting the magic of a “marketing” message out to the masses….where you believe it belongs.  (the Do ONE good Thing campaign is one I particularly remember…and like a lot as well!)

Check out the whole list at the link following the short excerpt below 🙂

Good Greens grew their sales to $50,000/month by reaching out to bloggers.Good Greens -Most Powerful Content Marketing ExamplesGood Greens was founded by Keith Pabley in 2011 when he was working with a physician to improve his practice. Keith discovered that the healthy bars the physician was recommending tasted awful, but they couldn’t find ones that didn’t.So he created Good Greens Bars – gluten free, dairy free, natural super bars with 40 antioxidants and 3 probiotics.Pabley didn’t have a large marketing budget. Instead, he build relationships with local bloggers to increase the number of reviews, mentions and search engine results for Good Greens -Most Powerful Content Marketing ExamplesGood Greens.3 of their flavours became the No. 1, 2, and 3 selling bars in Cleveland.His sales jumped 50% in 4 months. Now Keith’s bars are in over 1,200 stores.

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