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This is really good short blog post on the nuts and bolts of building an ancillary income steam through turning your passion…..into profit.  (in this case, through writing ebooks and selling low cost but (quite elegant) WordPress themes)

I stumbled upon Paul’s blog a few months ago and really enjoy his unique take on blog building, business and creating kick ass, unique website design (surely the thing he does best) – and have used his totally free but awesome TEXT wordpress theme on a few recent projects (including on this blog for a few months until I switched back to Buddypress a few weeks ago) – check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below.

And in just over a year I’ve made $25k in net sales from them.Here’s the breakdown (as of July 11, 2013). These numbers don’t include fees to ecommerce providers (I use sellfy and gumroad) or paypal/stripe fees. This is the money I get. * 3909 Eat Awesome ebooks sold, $8,958 * 1261 Be Awesome at Online Business ebooks sold, $14,281 * 160 WordPress themes sold, $1,769I’m going to skip talking about the themes since those aren’t selling as well as the books (at least not yet). They’re also much newer than either book. I’ve also put zero time into promoting them or even writing about them, I just haven’t had time.

$25k extra in just over a year

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