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Here is a pretty good article (via the link below) on some of the BIG benefits to using Tumblr as your primary blog or brand over some of the other more popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla and a whole bunch of itty bitty players I’ve never heard of…:-)

As someone who is pretty fanatical about content creation (And curation) as a primary piece of my own process and puzzle – I really believe that Tumblr has so many advantages over WordPress that when I come across people who are just getting started NOW….and need a nudge in the right direction, I encourage them to start with (and maybe even stick with) Tumblr for a long minute before even giving WordPress a go.

For example –

  1. My sister is a doctor in NYC who has been talking about starting a blog since roughly 1982.   As of today – no blog.  Why?  Because it feels dauting, dangerous and a big butt time suck, so like all other ideas that feel a bit overwhelming, it get’s shelved until a bit closer to the Apocolypse.
  2. I have a new client who is taking part in “LAUNCHiT”…..but who is having a really difficult time wrapping his brain around WordPress, and coming up with creative content to share with his community.  (an ecommerce driven product that revolves, right now…..around a single landing page html site written back before Daniel Day Lewis was famous)

The good news?

It’s in a killer niche with tons of traffic – a lot of passionate people – and a quick search within the Tumblr dash revealed all sorts of killer content, creativity, community and potential connections for his product, his brand, his blog and his business…which ultimately will be good for his bank account as well. 

And brevity is a key part of the Tumblr technique – no need to write long winded posts like the ones I do here….they are actually not nearly as popular as the short, concise (and creative) stuff that is easily (and enthusiasstically) shared as well.

Tumblr is so incredibly social – by it’s very nature – and because content curation is built into it’s bones – you can quite literally just “reblog” “like” and “share” stuff you like until you feel fuzzy, and easily generate interest, attention and the affection of those who are on the receiving end.

Tumblr is also free – and contrary to some of the points made in the post below (you can read the whole thing at the link following the excerpt) I think the Tumblr designs are creative, cool and in many respects….far superior to WordPress.

(this is a great design for personal branding style landing pages we’ve been using for some LAUNCHiT projects that are great for premium priced professionals who want a single spot to aggregate all of their online activity  – realtors, coaches, etc)

(the author below gets something else a bit wrong as well – many people who will follow you on Tumblr are NOT actually seeing the front end of your site – e.g. – the design elements – they are actually seeing your stuff from within the Tumblr dashboard – meaning it’s a homogenized look for everyone – making your blog design a superfluous concern in some respects – although I’m a sucker for aesthetics as well)

The only areas that where Tumblr remains a bit risky – from my own “Control what you Create” mantra and marketing mandate – is that you don’t own Tumblr.

Marissa Meyer does.  Yahoo does.  And I don’t trust anyone with all of my hard created content who looks like they just walked out of a Lands End catalog like they do.

A few of the SEO concerns mentioned below are worth some attention to – but my experience with Tumblr traffic has been really, really good…..even from the search engines (especially when you MAP your domain to your Tumblr blog) and the actual interactino I’m getting on a new pen name project (and upcoming Amazon book) is far superior than what I’m finding on my own WordPress blog as well, as people are far more likely to share a picture, comment on a quote, reblog a funny thought, etc.   (a reason why I’m actually  giving some thought to making THIS blog a private resource for my own clients going forward – or at least password protecting the more innovative ideas – I’m coming around to the idea that if it ain’t interactive – it’s not so much fun for me to share)

If you know what it is that you want to do – and have your ideal audience already in mind – Tumblr ain’t perfect – but it’s pretty damn close.  So much so, that this may be the next service I offer – tumblr content creation and curation for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, marketers, mentors, authors, artists, passion professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs.

(or something like that 😉

Then again – who knows.  Sometimes I think about taking up the cello, or maybe learning to be a DJ or something exciting that has free food as part of the job description.

Anyway – for more Tumblr tips – Check out some more interesting thoughts at the link below 🙂

Despite being extremely easy to use, WordPress still requires a learning curve to get used to. The same applies to most of the major WordPress competition. Tumblr on the other hand, offers a whole new level of simpleness.Tumblr requires no installation or configuration, nor does it require you to pay for a personal hosting plan – yet still allows you to operate via a unique URL.Additionally, Tumblr’s social integration is unmatched. Re-blogging, following and liking content from other users is easy, and can promote a sense of community far quicker than most other platforms. Linking up to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks is also a breeze. It is these built-in community functions which give Tumblr a huge, unique advantage.When it comes to design, Tumblr has some work to do. A number of themes are readily available, but page layouts are extremely limited. The only way to obtain a personalised look is to create a custom HTML themeLastly, Tumblr has another hurdle to overcome, in the form of search engine optimization. All great CMS comply with, and can be optimized for popular search engines – except Tumblr.As far as Google is concerned, Tumblr is a place where duplicate content is encouraged, thanks to the website’s re-blogging feature. This, combined with the fact that many Tumblr pages lack unique title tags, combines to create a huge obstacle for users looking to rank well in the search engines.

Could Tumblr Become the Next CMS Powerhouse?


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