A Challenge (and an Invitation)
If you are on my email list, and filled out my recent survey…….this update is specifically written with you in mind.  (and THANK YOU for participating as well)

(if you didn’t…..you can see it here)

First, I thought that THIS was really interesting……..
Just about EVERYONE (with the exception of one person) answered YES to the question “having a community of friends, fans, followers and subscribers was critical to building an enduring online business”

And yet…….

Based on the same responses……

 Only about 20% of you actually have such a list.

Here is the thing.

There really IS a lot of hype and silliness in the online space.


If there is one simple cliche that is repeated over and over again ad nauseam that IS true – it’s this:

 The fortune really IS in the list.

Consider this.

Many of you have been on MY list for many years.

I’ll bet 50% of the people who responded to this survey have been on my list for 2 years plus.

In online years, which is very close to but not nearly as much fun as dog years, that’s the equivalent of 11.5.

I’ll also bet that most of you rarely read this blog – or even say hi on Facebook – or exchange tweets with me…….

But you DO still open, at least occasionally, my email – and associated offers and opportunities.

My challenge to you is super simple.

Whatever you do this summer, to grow your own online business, if that’s truly where your heart, and your head is, is to finally build that list.

It’s so ridiculously easy to do.

So many of you are so much smarter, and more savvy than even the most prodigious online marketers around.

And yet – for whatever reason, in your head…….the idea of building a list is scary.

I don’t get it.

To me, changing a transmission is scary.

Building  list?

A piece of cake.

The key is……

 Start small.

Aim for 10 subscribers.

10 subscribers, in many common service oriented niches can (and often will) yield one new client, especially if you follow up by email, on a regular basis.

  •  You can get 10 subscribers from 1 article.

  • Or a single Facebook ad.

  •  Or one guest post.
  •  Or one well optimized and promoted blog post.
  •  One new client, if you are a coach….should translate into real money you can deposit in a real bank account and make real progress in the direction of your dreams.

If you DO have a list but are struggling to how to implement……….(as many of you do, and unfortunately are) I want to give you a simple idea that you can really use to grow your business, using the exact same model I just used myself.

  •  Write a short survey.
  •  Use Wufoo forms like I just did.  (it’s 100% free unless you need lots of forms, or more than 100 responses, or want to use a special “thank you” page)

Start with….. 

Having your ideal audiences best interests in mind.

Then –

  1.  Create that ONE “true/false” question that you know is going to be answered in the affirmative by 90% of your list.
  2.  Make the answer something you CAN help them solve right away.
  3.  When they are done with the survey, simply send them to a page that helps them solve that problem.

(in my case – it might have been a page that said – “build your first email list in the next 21 days – you KNOW you need one to succeed”)

 If you are meditation teacher –

Yours may say –

“Learn how to mediate in 21 days, Ian….because you KNOW it’s the key to being more peaceful, prosperous, blissful and beautiful, from the inside out”

The key is…..

Create a simple survey that is structured about whatever it is that you know you can help your subscribers do BETTER simply by having you in their lives – and simply let them tell you, what they already know they need to succeed.

If you can intuit what that is in advance, which we know you can……you are one BIG step closer to doing what you love, for a living.

It works in any niche – and with any common problem that most people will have subscribed to solve.

So that’s challenge

 Here is your invitation.[ruven_hr style=”default” size=”medium”]

Name Your Price.  (sort of like Priceline, but without the continental breakfast in the morning)

[ruven_button url=”mailto://ianrhollander@gmail.com” style=”blue” size=”large” open_new_tab=”on”] Name Your Price Custom Coaching[/ruven_button]

[ruven_hr style=”default” size=”medium”]Here is what I’m doing between now and the end of June

 Choose what you need help with – and the amount of time you need help with it – and name your price.

 Rather than me “selling” something –

  •  I want you to tell me what you want – and how much you want to pay to make it spring to life.
  •  Maybe you want to write your first book by Labor day weekend and need someone to help guide you as you do?
  •  Maybe you want to build an email subscribers list of 500 but are scared silly to start?
  •  Or maybe you want to create your first coaching program and have your first paying client before August….but still, have no idea what steps to take next.

Maybe you have 25 existing articles, or blog posts, or email follow ups that are out there and UNDERPERFORMING their potential….and you need to give them a little bit of a marketing mojo makeover to get the sort of results you know they deserve.   

Maybe you just need a little kick in confidence so you can finally make your ideas come to life?

 Tell me what you need…..what you want to pay – and if I can say yes, I will.

Will I agree to take all offers?

Probably not, no.

[ruven_info_box style=”red”]Much like I’ve spent the night sleeping in my car on SuperBowl Sunday in South beach because William Shatner didn’t like my best price – I’m sure there will be people who I simply can’t accommodate.[/ruven_info_box][ruven_hr style=”default” size=”medium”]

But if I can help you – on YOUR terms – with what YOU need – for the next 2 weeks, I’d love to to do it.

  1. Define Your Distractions.
  2. Understand your obstacles.
  3. Detail your dream.
  4. Set a time frame.
  5. And then tell me what you need – how I can help you – and then name your price.

This is only available for about 12 days. .

(I stop taking any new clients on July 1 for this……..so if you’ve got the desire, now is the time:-)


[ruven_button url=”mailto://ianrhollander@gmail.com” style=”blue” size=”large” open_new_tab=”on”] Name Your Price Custom Coaching [/ruven_button]