Here is a short article I submitted earlier today to Ezine Articles on the idea of using complimentary content to grow your audience…..simply through leveraging our own natural desire to be noticed, a trait we all share no matter where we land on the totem pole of success and significance.

(I actually spend a good portion of my day hoping someone notices me – although I do work from home in a pair of footsie pajamas and typically have the shades pulled, which makes it difficult)

Truthfully though – the example below is 100% true (although modified and embellished a wee bit for the purposes of anonymity)   on a community content campaign I’m working on with others – in a very competitive market – and quite simply, as an unknown entity right now with a minimal readership……simply by COMPLIMENTING one of our perceived competitors, we got an avalanche of traffic this week, mostly from Twitter…..simply by catering to the idea that EVERYONE craves a good compliment.  (and when we get it – we’re very likely to demurely point others out to read it 🙂

The key takeaway?  Find someone in YOUR niche, or market who is doing something you appreciate – and tell the world about it. 

It’s a smart strategy for expanding your audience by a factor of 1 for sure….and  most likely – but many more as well!


If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who is competing for the very same eyeballs in a given niche… the truth is, you are probably struggling to stand out in the sea of sameness and similarity where everyone else swims, right?

I want to give you a very simple idea, and an angle that works wonderfully well – and is LESS about using some sort of internet marketing “secret” and more about the idea of leveraging the natural essence of being human. (as where it counts most… were’ ALL the same, down deep, no matter WHERE we are on the totem pole of success, we’re all pretty much the same at heart)

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The funny thing is, we’re all so stuck on standing out, and distancing ourself from our competition, that so many of us forget to take advantage of the lowest hanging fruit, when it comes to generating new traffic.

And finding a new way to say a nice thing about someone ELSE in your niche, is probably the easiest way to double your traffic that there is.


Because not only are you getting your own natural “article opens”, your also going to get a good percentage of OTHER people’s as well. (especially the readers or subscribers or friends, fans and followers of those you compliment)

I’ll give you a quick example as to how I use this approach on a recent content campaign earlier this week.

I wrote a really flattering, (but honest) review of one of my competitors products in a web development space. (not an IM related product mind you, and not a gimmick or a guru, but a real piece of technology that we use to build content campaigns for our own clients)

Of course my own subscribers read it – via email and RSS updates, social media stuff, etc.

BUT – and we anticipated this, the company that created the technology also noticed (probably from getting a Google “alert” on their name and their product) and we started to see a little bit of new traffic trickling in from unknown sources, within a few hours of posting the article.

The next day – the company themselves (with Twitter followers north of 20K) posted a link to our review not ONCE but twice, sending an avalanche of new readers, and a bevy of new subscribers (and several inquires) in under 24 hours.

People like to point out nice things that are said about them… and if you do it well, and honestly, no matter how big the fish, they’ll find what you wrote, and tell others to read it as well.

It’s human nature. We all want to be noticed, and appreciated. If you do this well – with your articles – your blog posts and your content campaigns overall, everyone wins. (especially YOU!)