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30 Content Marketing Examples For Every Industry


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What is considered a good content marketing campaign?

Does what works in one industry work as well in the next?  Is content marketing limited to blog posts, or press releases or social media marketing or article syndication…..or is there a wide latitude of options and opportunities for people who want to drive copious amounts of traffic to a site, service or offer….and DON’T have a ton of experience with any of the above?

The truth is, from my own perspective…..some of the most creative (and effective) content marketing campaigns are only limited to the inspiration, and imagination of the person (or people) who have something unique, innovative, entertaining or engaging to say or spread.

For example – I saw a killer traffic generation strategy a few days ago on a competitors blog, in a very unique niche community project I’m working on, where the members are helping to evangelize the message for the community by first submitting their own content…and then using a simple embeddable widget the allows them to create, to share that very same content their own social media profile pages, and in other areas they work,play and hang out online.

(one of the really simple examples from the list below has a similar style strategy with an embedded recipe widget or something to that effect – very simple to deploy – and a great way to not only engage your audience with your own content, but to encourage them and incentivize your audience to create their own as well)

In some ways, I think that you can create an entire content marketing campaign out of a particular angle – or approach – to generating buzz for your brand – using complimentary content that your competition or community will naturally share works wonderfully well – as does confrontational, controversial or contrarian content on the other side of that same street….also has enduring legs for getting an avalanche of eyeballs to open, and be exposed to your marketing message.

Check out the post below for some really creative content marketing campaigns that are pretty easy to understand and emulate – and pick something that inspires YOUR imagination, dive in……..and do it 🙂  It’s easy stuff – and so often, like all of the other ideas in this industry – it’s made to sound far more complex, and intellectually agile – than it really is.

Be interesting – be interested – be curious – creative and confident – and throw some stuff out there and see what sticks. 

You can read the whole post at the link following the short excerpt below 🙂

What’s a good example when it comes to entertaining your target audience? A spontaneous or humorous video. Yeah, you heard us! Just have a look at the above Old Spice commercial which got 40 million views on YouTube and sparked the creation of many other parodies of this ad using the same character and theme.But what about content marketing that educates the end-user? What’s a good example of that? Besides articles and blog posts, free e-books are perfect examples! And how ironic, we found an e-book that provides 100 examples of content marketing (hence the title of this article), created by The Content Marketing Institute.

30 Awesome Content Marketing Examples | Celsius

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